Course Plan – Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

The PhD in Nursing program offers two study options: Traditional (Part-time) program or our Summer Residence program.

The PhD in Nursing requires at least 45 credit hours beyond the master’s degree in nursing. Students begin the program with interdisciplinary core courses taken with students from nursing and education. Faculties from each of these two disciplines teach interdisciplinary core courses. Nursing courses may be taken in conjunction with the interdisciplinary core or separately. The academic year is designed to meet the needs of students who are able to complete 21 to 24 program credits annually through part-time study while maintaining outside employment.

Courses overview

All courses listed are 3 credits.

Required Interdisciplinary Core Courses - 15 credits

  • Philosophy of Science and Theory Development
  • Qualitative Methods of Inquiry
  • Quantitative Methods of Inquiry
  • Qualitative Methods for Advanced Inquiry
  • Quantitative Methods for Advanced Inquiry

Nursing Courses - 21 credits

  • Alternative Paradigmatic Inquiry
  • Structure of Nursing Knowledge
  • Global Leadership Strategies and Diversity Awareness
  • Nursing Research: Techniques and Applications
  • Bioethical Imperatives in Nursing
  • Anthropology
  • Epidemiology

Guided Electives - 6 credits

Dissertation Seminar - 3 credits

Continuous Dissertation Matriculation - 3 credits each semester until dissertation is completed