Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Outcomes

The PhD in Nursing requires both mastering and extending the knowledge of the discipline through research. The Barry University PhD program in nursing prepares graduates to master the breadth of the discipline, as well as the depth of a particular area of related science. Our program provides an understanding of the environment within which nurses practice and prepare graduates to further the scholarship of the discipline. The core of the PhD in Nursing program is an understanding of nursing and the development of competencies to expand science that supports the discipline and practice of nursing.

A hallmark of doctoral education is a highly individualized program of study that develops expertise in the core knowledge and methods of the discipline and depth in a selected area of research. In addition, programs should prepare graduates with skills in teaching, leadership, mentorship, and interdisciplinary communication.

Expected outcomes of the PhD in Nursing are delineated in accordance with the AACN (2011) Research- Focused Doctoral Program in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence. They are as follows:

  • We invite you to join us in this worthy endeavor. You will work closely with faculty in the division of nursing and other units across campus during your coursework as well as during your dissertation research. This supportive academic community has even resulted in opportunities for Barry students to present and publish their research and scholarship in competitive professional forums.