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Health and Regulatory Requirements

Upon acceptance and prior to beginning classes, students shall possess reasonably good health, and physical abilities shall be such that the student is able to render safe nursing care. An annual physical examination and an annual PPD, review of symptoms, and/or chest x-ray are required.

Please read the following requirements carefully and follow the directions as all requirements need to be completed prior to your first day of class as a nursing student.

Health Certification and Immunization Record

The Annual Physical and Immunization Record form must be completed by an MD, PA or ARNP and returned to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The records must be returned to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences no later than July 1st of each year. Students beginning the Accelerated BSN program in January must have their documents submitted no later than December 15th of the year prior to their enrollment in nursing courses. All immunizations must be complete. Immunization requirements are as follows:

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) – Proof of two immunizations or positive titers
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus - Booster with Tdap orTd within in the last ten years are required
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) – Proof of two immunizations or positive titer (**History of disease does NOT meet requirement)
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination – Proof of three injections or positive titer

Consent/Refusal of Hepatitis B Vaccination

Although it is not a requirement, we encourage all nursing students to take the series of injections to immunize them against Hepatitis B. Whether or not you choose to take the injections, you must complete the Consent / Refusal of Hepatitis B Vaccination form.

TB (Tuberculin) Screening

Students must submit evidence of a current tuberculin test (PPD):

  • Students with a negative PPD must have a second PPD in 3 weeks to confirm non-reactive status. Two PPD tests are required only for your initial TB screening, unless otherwise requested by the health care provider. After the initial TB screening, a PPD test must be completed once yearly.
  • Students with a positive PPD must show documentation of a chest x-ray as well as documentation of any required follow up. After the first year, students must have a licensed health care provider complete a TB Symptom Check List annually. An additional chest x-ray will only be required if it is recommended by a licensed health care provider, a student exhibits symptoms of active TB disease, and/or if a student with previously negative PPDs tests positive.

Annual Flu Vaccination

Students must show documentation of annual flu vaccinations which are required by clinical agencies and clinical sites. If the flu vaccine is refused; students must strictly adhere to the personal protective equipment guidelines as required by each agency.

Health Insurance Requirement

All Students: All students residing in any/all University provided housing and/or attending classes on an F1 or J1 visa, must provide proof of insurance and complete an insurance waiver through myBarry prior to checking in to University housing and/or prior to the first day of class, or the fee for the primary Barry-sponsored student insurance plan will be assessed to the student’s account. If a student insurance fee has been assessed to a student’s account due to lack of compliance with the University policy, such fees are irrevocable and will not be credited under any circumstance.

You must have adequate health insurance. Please review the College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Insurance Affidavit form for required coverage guidelines. Students who have health insurance must submit a front and back copy along with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Insurance Affidavit form to the Compliance Officer located in NHS 126. Waivers must be completed annually.

Students without health insurance may enroll during open enrollment (14 days after the semester begins). Contact Student Health Services at 305-899-3750 to enroll. Students who do not have adequate health insurance will be immediately withdrawn from the program until proof is provided. Students are responsible for obtaining and maintaining their health insurance.

MSN and Doctoral Students: If you do not have adequate health insurance, you must contact Student Health Services immediately. Student Health Services will assist you with enrolling in the student health insurance plan. You may contact them at 305-899-3750.

CPR/ACLS Certification

MSN, FNP, and ACNP specialization students: FNP students must provide evidence of a current BLS (CPR) certification; ACNP students must provide evidence of a current ACLS certification. Although the certification is required during the admissions process, it is your responsibility to submit your renewal prior to the certification expiration date.

Liability Insurance Fee

Each year the liability insurance fee will be charged to all nursing students.

Professional Portfolio

Nursing students are expected to maintain a portfolio of documents frequently required by clinical agencies including:

  • Current CPR card
  • Annual Physical and Immunization Record
  • Proof of health insurance with coverage effective in the state of Florida

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