Nurse Educator

MSN, Nurse Education

The Nurse Educator specialization will prepare you to assume the roles of teacher, scholar, and collaborator. In the role of teacher, you will serve as a leader in curriculum development, clinical, classroom, and other educational settings. In the role of scholar, you will demonstrate clinical expertise and disseminate information by scholarly writing and presentations. In addition, the scholar role incorporates designing, collaborating and utilizing research in nursing education and practice. In the role of collaborator, you will enact and enhance best practices through collaboration with peers, students, administrators, and communities of interest.

Becoming a Nurse Educator Professional

When you graduate, you will have the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to engage in an advanced practice role. You will graduate with the ability to:

  • Integrate advanced practice core competences in educational processes
  • Incorporate learning, nursing, and curriculum theories in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of nursing education programs
  • Implement instructional methods and evaluation for clinical and classroom teaching recognizing the diversity of the learner
  • Apply clinical expertise when conducting educational experiences
  • Integrates principles of evidence-based practice in educational design and implementation
  • Collaborates with diversified groups to promote nursing practice, education, and healthcare
  • Incorporates ethical precepts in education practices
  • Collaborates to promote nursing health care in political or legislative agendas

Program Overview

The Nurse Educator specialization is a two-and-a-half year program if completed within consecutive semesters. The program, however, must be completed within four years if you decide to take time off. Since most of our students are full-time registered nurses, we have created a schedule that is convenient for your busy schedule. Classes are once a week or on weekends, giving you the ability to pursue your MSN degree. Cohorts begin every fall semester and last for seven semesters.

If you already have acquired a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, we offer a 30% tuition discount for the Master of Science in Nursing program.


The course plan has adopted the specialty standards Nurse Educator Competencies set forth by the Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing, Southern Regional Education Board (2002). Graduates are eligible to sit for the Nursing Professional Development national certification examination. In addition, graduates meeting all other eligibility requirements are also eligible to sit for the Nurse Administration and/or Advanced national certification examination. Graduates can practice in academic, clinical, institutional, or community settings.

Resources: Southern Region Education Board Nurse Educator Competencies, 2002; AACN Essentials of Masters Education for Advanced Practice Nursing, 1996