Course Plan For Post-Graduate Certificate

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care

YearsSemesterCourse NumberCourseCredits
Year 1FallNUR 617Role Development of the Advanced Practice Nurse2
  NUR 510Advanced Pathophysiology 3
 SpringNUR 679Health Promotion/Disease Prevention3
  NUR 615Advanced Pharmacology3
  NUR 618*Scientific Foundations of Advanced Pharmacology1
 SummerNUR 601Phil/Theoretic Bases of Nursing3
  NUR 678Advanced Health Assessment/Differential Diagnosis4
Year 2 FallNUR 625Evidence-Based Inquiry In Nursing Practice4
  NUR 680S/T: Behavioral Health 3
 SpringNUR 654Public Policy Strategies for Nursing3
  NUR 667Adult Gerontology Acute Care I5
   Clinical (125 hours) 
 SummerNUR 668Adult Gerontology Acute Care II5
   Clinical (125 hours)
Year 3FallNUR 669Adult Gerontology Acute Care III5
   Clinical (125 hours) 
 SpringNUR 694Adult Gerontology Acute Care Integration Practicum5
   Clinical (125 hours) 

The clinical courses (NUR670, NUR673, NUR676) may be alternatively sequenced.

If you are interested in pursuing the Nurse Practitioner certificate in either family or adult-gerontology acute care, you must already have a Master of Science in Nursing degree. The time it takes to complete the certification is dependent upon the individual. You will be given a personal advisor who will work with you to determine the number of credits necessary to complete this track.

*Begins Spring 2019