Study Abroad

Students from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences are embarking in the annual study abroad program.

Twelve undergraduate nursing students and two faculty members are traveling to Grenada to work alongside public health nurses and other members of the health care system. This faculty led program called the International Nursing Study Abroad Program (N-SAP) is a way to offer an innovative method of teaching by fostering academic and experiential learning in a global setting.

This course provides an opportunity for undergraduate nursing students to have an enriched experience of clinical practice at the level of novice in a Low-middle Resource Country (LRC).

The purpose of this course is to facilitate understanding of global health issues, social determinants of health, and provision of health care services to underserved communities.

International Service-Learning (ISL) is a major focus of this course and will provide students a forum for critical reflection on community-driven service, intercultural experiences, and global citizenship.

Participating in this study abroad program gives nursing students the opportunity to engage in cultural encounters, which will broaden their insight and have a profound impact on their personal and professional growth.

At the end of the program, students will understand their culture in a global and comparative context. They will recognize that their culture is one of many diverse cultures, and recognize alternative perceptions and behaviors such as that health and illness may be based on cultural beliefs. It also allows for students to distinguish how nursing is viewed and practiced in a different cultural context.

If you are a Barry senior nursing student and you are interested in studying abroad, please contact Dr. Paula Delpech at