Family & Guests

We understand how hard it can be for your student to move away from home. But we also know how excited and proud you are for them to begin their journey into college life. To make sure that you are comfortable with your student leaving the nest, we have tailored your orientation schedule so that all questions will be answered, and all worries will be relieved.

Speak with Barry alumni, and get to know how their college experience at Barry University has prepared them for their career goals and real-world experiences. Also, become aware of the many safety measures the university undertakes to ensure all students are safe and taken care of during their time on campus. And if you still have questions about the financial aspect of the academic experience, there will be an information session to address how to take advantage of financial aid.

Family & Guests Sessions

Guests who are attending orientation with an entering student will have specific sessions created just for them. These sessions will help answer any questions guests have regarding financial aid or resources on campus.

Please note that there are no overnight accommodations for family or guests.

Schedules will come soon