About the School of Professional And Career Education

Faculty Research Information

NameAreas of Scholarship, Creativity, and Research
Peter W. Brewer, DMA
Assistant Professor of Music
Jazz Saxophone Performance, Performance Pedagogy, Jazz History, Classical Music History, Psychology of Music, Online and Face-to-Face Curriculum Design
Barry J. Brock, EdD
Assistant Professor of Health Services Administration
Developing Health & Wellness Programs, Plans, Operations & Medical Intelligence
Alvaro Carreras, PhD
Assistant Professor Administration
Organizational Culture, Customer Satisfaction, and the Budget Process.
Khaled Deeb, PhD
Associate Professor of Information Technology
Distributed Systems, Database Systems, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, Data Communications
Sean Erwin, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Renaissance Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Aristotle, Political Philosophy, French Continental Philosophy
Patricia Feito, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Writing Across The Curriculum, Modernist Fiction and Poetry, Environmental Literature,
Women's Fiction, Psychology, Aesthetics and Literature, Adult Learning
Celeste Fraser Delgado, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Caribbean Literature & Performance, Performance Studies, Service Learning, Digital Humanities
Daniel Hahn, MA, MBAEmergency and Disaster Management. Public Private Partnerships.
Carole Huberman, PhD
Assistant Professor
Government Innovation, Government and Higher Education Evaluation and Assessment, Public Policy and Public and Private Sector Leadership.
Pamela Luckett, PhD
Assistant Professor of Information Technology
Emerging Technologies, ePortfolio,
Adult Learners
Marilyn Marousek, PhD
Assistant Professor of Human Resources
Human Resources, Organizational Change, Leadership, Organizational Culture
Jalane Meloun, PhD
PhD to Professor of Administration
Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Computer Anxiety
Richard G. Orman, PhD
Professor of Public Administration
Public Planning, International Economic Development, Internet Education
Michael Provitera, DBA
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Management Education, Motivating People at Work, Leadership Development, and Discussion Learning for Corporations and Universities
Sandra Roberts, PhD
PhD to Associate Professor of Administration
International Business, Leadership, Cultural Work-Related Values, Self-Efficacy
David J. Romano, PhD
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences
Emergency and Disaster Management, Psychological Training and Education Services
John Rushing, DBA
Assistant Professor of Administration
International Business, Economic Development, Cultural Work-Related Values, Gender Studies, Academic Assessment
Robert Scully, DBA
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Leadership, Management Education, Services Administration & Marketing
Sandra Schrouder, PhD
PhD to Associate Professor of Public Administration
Public Policy, Public Finance, Management and Organizational Ethics.
Eric L. Smith, EdD
Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Organizational Leadership in the Public Sector
Carol-Rae Sodano, EdD
Professor of Organizational Leadership and Sociology
Organizational Development, Coaching Process
Stephen E. Sussman, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Public Policy Analysis, Program Evaluation, Nonprofit Administration and Advocacy, Emergency Management, Distance Education
Ann S. F. Swaner, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology
History of Christianity, Systematic and Moral Theology, and Theology of Christian Marriage
James J. Talerico, PhD, CFE
Assistant Professor Public Administration
Public Finance & Budgeting, Government Ethics, Fraud & Corruption in Government
Carol Warner, EdD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Across the Curriculum, Adult Retention, Math Anxiety, Factors Influencing the Success of Mathematics Students
Rodney Watson
Instructor ADM
Organizational Leadership, Management
David G. Wolf, PhD
Associate Professor Health Services Administration
Organizational Leadership, Long-Term Care Administration, Quality of Care in Health Care, Mentoring
Anita Zavodska, PhD
Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences
Solid Waste Management in Developed and Developing Countries, Waste Characterization, Global Sustainability, Environmental Education and Awareness