CCP 177: Retirement Planning

This course provides a complete overview of retirement planning including retirement savings need analysis, qualified retirement plan design, Social Security, Medicare, and more. In addition, group life, health, and disability insurance; non-qualified deferred compensation; and other commonly provided employee benefits are examined.

Refer to the more detailed topic list in CFP Board’s Guide to CFP® Certification.

  • Topic 44: Retirement needs analysis
  • Topic 45: Social Security (Old Age, Survivor, and Disability Insurance, OASDI)
  • Topic 46: Types of retirement plans
  • Topic 47: Qualified plan rules and options
  • Topic 48: Other tax-advantaged retirement plans
  • Topic 49: Regulatory considerations
  • Topic 50: Key factors affecting plan selection for businesses
  • Topic 51: Investment considerations for retirement plans
  • Topic 52: Distribution rules, alternatives, and taxation