Communication Skills

About the Business and Professional Communication Skills Program

Heightened global competition coupled with flattening management hierarchies, the growth of team-based management, today’s culturally diverse workforce, innovative communication technologies and secretaries being replaced with workstations have created a demand for new proficiencies in business communication skills. This program provides the communication skills necessary to function effectively in today’s changing workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Especially designed for business owners, managers, supervisors, workers and volunteers in business and community groups who must deal with, or rely upon others will benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired from this program.

Course Overview

  • The communication process in the workplace
  • Preparing effective oral and written communication
  • Listening skills
  • Business formats for Memos, E-mails, Letters, Reports and Proposals
  • Effective oral presentations
  • Acquire and polish your public speaking skills
  • Oral presentation in business: persuasive, informative and motivational
  • Overcoming fear and timidity in front of an audience
  • Speaking with confidence

Course Format

Sessions are interactive and participants will be provided with opportunities to practice the skills learned.

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