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A well-trained workforce is your organization’s most valuable asset. The ability to develop and retain quality people is critical to success in a competitive marketplace. Corporate training enhances individual and organizational competencies and motivates employees to increase productivity.

Every corporation has unique needs. Custom training allows the creation of a seminar or series of programs that specifically address the competencies your company requires. With Barry University’s PACE Institute for Training and Professional Development, you can customize a program from the ground up or work within existing program frameworks.

Training not only helps you build a better workforce, it helps you keep it.

When you show your people you’re willing to invest in them, they’re willing to invest in you. High-quality, results-oriented training for both work skills and work-related personal growth show your commitment to your workforce.

Beyond the increased performance benefits of a well-trained, up-to-date staff, training increases employee loyalty, commitment and dedication to overall business effectiveness and growth.

PACE Institute’s experienced faculty offer expertise in adult learning techniques and theory, seasoned by today’s rapidly changing work environment. We also partner with outside facilitators to provide the best professional development experience for your organization.