Customer Service

For Fantastic Customer Service Every Time

Program and Purpose

This one-day program provides an overview of customer service principles and activities that can be used by all levels of personnel. The course is packed with exercises and role plays to enhance any customer service environment.

This course will benefit both new and experienced customer service providers:

  • Customer service supervisors and managers will learn techniques to coach staff members in providing a higher level of service.
  • Experienced providers will be able to take the principles and customize them for more effective results in their own work environments.
  • New providers will gain valuable insights, strategies and skills that will enable them to offer fantastic customer service every time.

Course Overview

  • Why Customer Service?
  • Assessing Organizational Need
  • The Cost of Losing Customers
  • Customer Expectations
  • Internal Customer Expectations
  • Customer Service Governing Forces
  • How to Handle Moments of Truth
  • The Customer Service Equation
  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with the Angry Customer

Intended Audience

  • Customer Service Supervisors
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Leaders who want to improve customer service in their environments
  • Experienced customer service professionals
  • New customer service providers
  • Trainers

Enrollment Criteria

There are no prerequisites, formal educational or experience requirements except that participants should be motivated to improve their own customer service skills.