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The SHRM Learning System Course features printed workbooks, over 1600 test questions, online resource center and THE SPHR Preparation Book, designed especially for the SPHR Candidates. The course covers:

Module 1: Strategic Management

The Role of Human Resources in Organizations; The Strategic Planning Process; Scanning the External Environment; Organizational Structure and Internal HR Partners; Measuring Human Resources Effectiveness; Ethical Issues Affecting Human Resources; Human Resources and the Legislative Environment

Module 2: Workforce Planning and Employment

Key Legislation Affecting Employee Rights; Key Legislation Affecting Privacy and Consumer Protection; Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action; Gender Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace; Organizational Staffing Requirements; Job Analysis and Documentation; Recruitment; Flexible Staffing; Selection; Employment Practices; Organizational Exit; Employee Records Management

Module 3: Human Resource Development

Key Legislation; Human Resource Development and the Organization; Adult Learning and Motivation; Assessment of HRD Needs; HRD Program Design and Development; HRD Program Implementation; Evaluating HRD Effectiveness; Career Development; Developing Leaders; Organizational Development Initiatives; Performance Management

Module 4: Total Rewards

Key Legislation; Total Compensation and the Strategic Focus of the Organization; Pay Administration; Compensation Systems; Introduction to Benefit Programs; Government-Mandated Benefits; Voluntary Benefits; Compensation and Benefit Programs for International Employees; Evaluating the Total Compensation System and Communicating It to Employees

Module 5: Employee and Labor Relations

Key Legislation Affecting Employee and Labor Relations; Employee Relations and Organizational Culture; Employee Involvement Strategies; Positive Employee Relations; Work Rules in Union and Nonunion Environments; Effective Communication of Laws, Regulations, and Organizational Policies; Discipline and Formal Complaint Resolution; Union Organizing; Unfair Labor Practices; Collective Bargaining; Strikes and Secondary Boycotts; Public-Sector Labor Relations; International Employee and Labor Relations

Module 6: Risk Management

Key Legislation; Safety; Health; Security; Privacy.

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