At PACE, most courses have designated textbook(s).  Students are responsible for purchasing the latest textbooks and other course materials before the start of the term.  Students can download the course syllabi posted on the courses schedule or request them from their advisor.  Students are also encouraged to contact their professors for the appropriate textbook for the course in cases where multiple textbooks may be an option.

Barry University Bookstore - BUY YOUR BOOKS ONLINE

To purchase your textbooks on-line, you may contact the official Barry Bookstore or log into WebAdvisor .  In WebAdvisor, under “ACADEMIC PROFILE” click on “MY CLASS SCHEDULE” and then the Barry Bookstore Logo at the bottom of the page to populate your shopping cart with the books for your classes.

You will have the option to have your books shipped to you or pick them up at the Barry Bookstore. Free Ground Shipping is being provided for PACE Students on textbook orders prior to the first day of the term.   Normal shipping costs:

$8.95Ground Shipping after the first day of the term
$19.952nd Day
$24.95Next Day


Ask the University Bookstore about renting your textbook and save 50% or more!


In order to purchase books using excess financial aid funds, loans or scholarship monies, please send an email from your Barry e-mail to the Cashier/Business Office with your ID #, and the requested amount to be placed in your Flex Bucs account. Once this is done (allow one day for processing), you can order textbooks through efollett using the Flex Bucs funds. Simply choose the BucCard payment selection to have your order paid from your Flex Bucs. As a reminder, this office does not process book orders. Go to or log into WebAdvisor to place book orders. Once the funds are transferred, information on the FLEX balance is obtained by calling the Student ID Office at 305-899-4900.


Your BucCard is a Barry identification card which includes a student ID number. If you don’t have a BucCard, please contact your advisor.  You may also find your student ID number on your registration papers.

Search For Courses And Books 

Information concerning textbooks is available via the University’s course schedule system in webadvisor’s “Search for Classes.” 

  1. Click Search for Classes or
  2. Go to (“search for classes” is located in the left hand side menu)

Please make sure the following is completed (information below can be found on your registration form)

  1. Term is selected in the drop down menu
  2. “PACE Courses Only” box is checked
  3. Select “subject” from the drop down menu (i.e. ADM Administration, PUB Public Admin, ENG English, etc.)
  4. Course number is entered (i.e. 303, 410, etc)
  5. Add “section” code (i.e. BA for Main Campus courses; PR for Pembroke Pines, PK, for Kendall, OB or 1O for fully online, etc)
    1.  When you find your course, the section name and title should be hyperlinked.  Click on the Hyperlink.

      WebAdvisor Search Results Screenshot

    2. Once you click on the hyperlink, the next screen will show you course information, start/end date, book information, and cost of books at the Barry University Bookstore.  You can then click directly to the book in the bookstore and populate your cart.  Keep in mind that often the digital option will show up on this page.  There is no need to purchase the digital option unless you opt to do so.

      WebAdvisor Course Information Screenshot

    3.  You can then click on the Barry Logo to find pricing on new, used, rental or digital options.  Students can then add to the cart and purchase.