Liberal Studies Booklist

BLS, PSY, SOC and SWS Prefix
PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleBook TitleAuthorPublisherEdition
BLS299Critical Approaches to Liberal StudiesA World of Ideas: Critical Readings for College WritersJacobus, Lee ABedford/S1. Martin's Latest
BLS499Liberal Studies CapstoneThe Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism Vincent B. LeitchNortonLatest
PSY206Principles of PsychologyPsychology: Core Concepts Zimbardo, P. G., Johnson, R. L., & McCann, V.Pearson Latest
PSY301Psychology of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Drug Use and Abuse Maisto, S. A., Galizio, M., & Connors, G. J.Cengage Learning Latest
PSY 304Essentials of Lifespan Development  Life-Span Human Development Sigelman, RiderCengage Learning- Wadsworth Publishing Latest
PSY 305Personality DevelopmentPersonality: Classic Theories and Modern Research Friedman, H. S. & Schustack, M. W.PearsonLatest
PSY 311Psychosocial Issues of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery1.Helping Families and Communities Recover from Disaster: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina and its AftermathKilmer, R. P., Gil-Rivas, V., Tedeschi, R. G., & Calhoun, L. G.American Psychological AssociationLatest
2. The UnthinkableRipley, A.Three RiversLatest
PSY 329Understanding and Coping with StressStress management for life (with Global Health Watch)Olpin, M. & Hesson, M.Cengage Learning- Wadsworth Latest
Suggested Supplemental Text:
The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook
Davis, R., Robbins Eshelman, E., & McKay, M. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. Latest
PSY 410Group Dynamics and Decision MakingSmall Group and Team CommunicationHarris, T. E., & Sherblom, G. Allyn & BaconLatest
PSY412Adult PsychopathologyEssentials of Abnormal PsychologyDurand, V. M. & Barlow, D. HCengage LearningLatest
PSY416Dynamics of Adult LivingCurrent Directions in Adulthood and Aging Charles, Susan T.Association for Psychological Science (APS)Latest
PSY425Introduction to Psychotherapy and CounselingIntroduction to Counseling: Voices from the FieldKottler, J. A., & Shepard, D. A. Cengage Learning Brooks/Cole-Thompson LearningLatest
PSY430Personality DisordersPersonality Disorders in Modern Life Millon, TheodoreWiley and Sons Latest
PSY434Behavior Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology Wicks-Nelson, R. & Israel, A.Pearson PublishingLatest
SOC301American Family1. Marriages and FamilySchwartz &ScottPearson Education Inc., Publishing as Prentice HallLatest
2. The Miniature Guide for Critical Thinking:  Concepts and Tools Paul & ElderFoundation for Critical Thinking Latest
SOC 305Issues in Culture1. Cultural Anthropology:  The Human ChallengePrins, Harald E. L.Wadsworth PublishingLatest
2. The Miniature Guide for Critical Thinking:  Concepts and Tools Paul & Elder Foundation for Critical Thinking Latest
SOC307Race and EthnicityRACE, ETHNICITY, GENDER, AND CLASS: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change Healy,  Joeseph F. Pine Forge PressLatest
SOC317Sociology of WorkAn Introduction to the Sociology of Work and Occupations Rudi Volti Pine Forge PressLatest
SOC415Women in Contemporary Society1. Gender Roles: A Sociological PerspectiveLindsey, LindaPrentice Hall Latest
2. The Miniature Guide for Critical Thinking:  Concepts and Tools Paul & Elder Foundation for Critical Thinking Latest
SOC417Sociology of Death and Dying1. Death, Society, and Human Experience Kastenbaum, RobertPearsonLatest
2. The Miniature Guide for Critical Thinking:  Concepts and Tools Paul & Elder Foundation for Critical Thinking Latest
SWS336Social Welfare as a Social InstitutionIntroduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, Empowering PeopleZastrow, CharlesCengage LearningLatest
SWS401Social Welfare Policies and Services IAmerican Social Welfare Policy: A Pluralist Approach Karger, H. J., & Stoesz, D.Allyn and Bacon, IncLatest
SWS470Human Behavior and Social Environment IUnderstanding Human Behavior and the Social EnvironmentZastro, Charles and Karen K. Kirst-AshmanBrook/Cole/Thomson Learning-Wadsworth PublishingLatest

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