Public Administration Booklist

PUB Prefix
PREFIXCourse NumberCourse TitleBook TitleAuthorPublisherEdition
PUB301Introduction to Public AdministrationPublic Administration: Partnerships in Public ServiceJohnson, William C.Waveland Press, IncLatest
PUB402Values and Ethics in Public AdministrationPractical Ethics in Public AdministrationGeuras, Dean and Charles GarofaloManagement ConceptsLatest
PUB403Public Budgeting and FinanceA Budgeting Guide for Local GovernmentRobert L. BlandInternational City/County Management Assoc.Latest
PUB404Concepts and Issues in Public PlanningContemporary Urban PlanningLevy, John M.LongmanLatest
PUB/PLA405Administrative Law and ProcessAdministrative Law and ProcessRichard J. Pierce, Jr., Sidney A. Shapiro and Paul R. VerkuilFoundation PressLatest
PUB406Human Resource in the Public SectorHuman Resource Management in Public Service:  Paradoxes, Process, and ProblemsBerman, Evan M., Bowman, James S., West, Jonathan P., Van Wart, Montgomery P.SageLatest
PUB407Productivity Improvement in the Public Sector To be DeterminedLatest
PUB408Public Management and the Political ProcessPolitics in Sates and CommunitiesThomas R. Dye & Susan A. MacManusLongmanLatest
PUB409Contemporary Issues in Public Safety1. Local Government Police ManagementGeller, William A.

International City Manager’s Assoc. (ICMA)Latest
2. Managing Fire and Rescue ServicesGeller, William A.International City Manager’s Assoc. (ICMA)
PUB410Methods and Techniques for Public AdministrationPractical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public AdministratorsE. O’Sullivan, G. R. Tassel, and J. D. TaliaferroLongman/Pearson Education Inc., 2011Latest

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