Assessment of Prior Learning Fact Sheet: 3
Advanced Placement (AP)


AP is the Advanced Placement program of the College Board, which provides for the establishment of college level courses completed in secondary schools.Students who take such a course or courses may then take special examinations prepared by the College Entrance Examination Board.Credits are accepted on a credit/no credit basis.See Exhibit II for a listing of AP examinations and credit awards.

Category: Testing/transfer.

Type Of Credit Awarded:

Lower level elective or distribution credits.

Maximum Allowable Credit:

A maximum of thirty (30) credits can be earned from all testing/transfer sources.


Credit for Advanced Placement examination is based on the one year AP experience.Credit is given only in cases of scores of 3 or better on the exam with the exception of the French and Spanish language exams where a score of 4 is required to receive credit. Credit varies from 3 to 8 semester hours, depending on equivalencies available at Barry University.In no case will credit be given for more than one year's work. Advanced Placement credit cannot be duplicated either in regular courses or through the CLEP program.


AP scores must be sent directly to Barry University from the Educational Testing Service.Archived score reports may be requested from:

Advanced Placement Program
P.O. 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671
Phone: 888-CALL-4-AP or 212-632-1780
Fax: 610-290-8979
Score Reports:


There is a fee for each AP transcript.