Assessment of Prior Learning Fact Sheet: 5
Barry University Challenge Exams


Challenge exams are university constructed tests which allow students to demonstrate previously acquired knowledge of a course(s) offered at Barry University and earn credit for it. Currently CAT 102 (Basic Computer Applications), IT 190 (Microcomputer Basics) and IT 200* (Foundations of Information Technology) are available to students in the School of Professional And Career Education (PACE). Students may obtain information on signing up to take an examination by contacting their advisor. Each successfully completed examination is worth three credits and letter grades are not assigned. Exhibit IV contains study outlines for each exam.

Category: Testing/transfer.

Type Of Credit Awarded:

Lower level elective credit.

Maximum Allowable Credit:

At present students may earn nine (9) credits for testing out of CAT 102, IT 190, and IT 200. A maximum of thirty (30) credits can be earned from all testing/transfer credit.


Students who have already received credit for CAT 102, IT 190, IT 200, or the equivalent are not eligible for the exam(s). *Academic coordinator approval must be obtained prior to taking the IT 200 examination.


Students receiving a passing score must submit proof of payment of appropriate fees to the Registrar's Office before earned credit can be awarded on the transcript.


There is a $75 fee for each challenge exam payable prior to the examination.