Assessment of Prior Learning Fact Sheet: 6


Licensure/certification is the awarding of college credit for one or more of the 24 professional licenses, 13 technical certifications and/or the courses leading up to the license currently recognized and determined by Barry University's School of Professional and Career Education (BUPACE). Competencies recognized for licenses follow the guidelines of those awarded in student portfolios. They include administration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, interpersonal relations, investigation and research, supervision and leadership. See Exhibit V for a listing of licenses/certifications and allowable license/certification coursework awards.

Category: Licensure/transfer credit.

Type Of Credit Awarded:

Upper/Level (UL) and Lower Level (LL) general elective credit.

Maximum Allowable Credit:

Licensure credit is included in the maximum allowance of ninety (90) credits from all transfer sources.


Students who no longer possess their original license(s/ certification(s)) will need to provide notarized verification of attainment of them from the specific licensing/certification agency. If coursework was taken at a regionally accredited institution and applied toward attainment of the license, no further credit can be granted through licensure/certification. Students may submit documentation for licensure credit anytime during their tenure at Barry. Comparable licenses/certifications from other states will be honored following verification of training.


Students must submit a valid license(s)/certification(s) to their Advisor/Director who will forward a copy to the Office of Admissions. Certifications require an additional form that must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Information Technology before being sent to the Office of Admissions. Official transcripts of courses leading up to the license(s)/certification(s) must be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions.


Barry University charges an administrative fee for processing licenses (see fee schedule/Appendix C for clarification).