Assessment of Prior Learning Fact Sheet: 6(a)
Technical Certification Licensure


Technical Certification Licensure is the awarding of college credit for IT certifications that support current programs and curriculum offered through Barry University’s School of Professional And Career Education (BUPACE).Learned competencies recognized for certification follow the guidelines of those awarded in student portfolios. Learned competencies are awarded in the content areas of Computer Applications, Information Technology, and Network and Systems Engineering.Upper level credits reflect learned competencies of communication, critical thinking, and administration in the content area.See Exhibit V (a) for a listing of technical certification awards.

Category: Licensure/transfer Credit.

Type Of Credit Awarded:

Upper/Level (UL) and Lower Level (LL) elective credit.

Maximum Allowable Credit:

Licensure credit is included in the maximum allowance of ninety (90) credits from all transfer sources. A maximum of 15 Credits can be obtained for any combination of Technical Certification Licensure.


If coursework was taken at a regionally accredited institution as specific preparation for the attainment of the technical certification, licensure credit will not be granted.Students may submit documentation for licensure credit anytime during their tenure at Barry. BS-IT students wishing to transfer IT 310 and/or IT 320 into the major core must submit the licensure credit application within the first semester of being accepted into the BS-IT program.

Documentation and Process:

Students and advisors must complete the ASSESSMENT OF PRIOR LEARNING FOR TECHNICAL CERTIFICATION LICENSURE CREDIT APPLICATION and provide original certificates, wallet cards, and/or vendor transcripts of certifications earned to their advisor who will make copies and forward along with the completed application to the IT Certification Coordinator. Please note that a separate Licensure Credit Application Form must also be attached for each certification.


Barry University charges an administrative fee for processing licensure credit (see fee schedule on the last page for prices).