Assessment of Prior Learning Fact Sheet: 1
The Portfolio


The portfolio is the mechanism for translating college level learning acquired through professional work experiences and/or community activities into Barry University credit. The portfolio is an option for students pursuing, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a specialization, the Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, and the Bachelor of Science degree in Administration, the Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Management, the Bachelor of Public Administration degree, and the Bachelor of Science degree in Health Service Administration. The portfolio format and content is fully explained online in Canvas. Your academic advisor will register you in the Portfolio Online Submission Program and guide you through the development process. Please view the portfolio orientation first at

Category: Portfolio.

Type Of Credit Awarded:

Upper/lower level credit in electives and for some degree requirements. Check the PACE Student Bulletin for further information.

Maximum Allowable Credit:

Students can earn up to thirty (30) credits from the portfolio either in transfer and/or gained through the PACE portfolio program. One-third to one-half of these credits may be designated upper level.


Students must be fully admitted to Barry at the time of submission of the portfolio, have completed English 302 with a grade of at least C or have demonstrated proficiency on the English exam, have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, be able to document at least five years of full-time work experience and/or community service, and have attended a portfolio seminar within one year of submission of the portfolio. The portfolio must be submitted at least one semester prior to degree completion. Students are required to have 90 credits or less at submission.


Documentation for the portfolio includes original letters on letterhead stationery signed by employers confirming student's job responsibilities and abilities, copies of certificates from in-service courses, and of awards/honors, and verification of active participation in professional and community organizations.


There is a fixed administrative fee for the portfolio (see page 30)