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Is Online Learning for Me?

People learn in different ways and at different rates. Online learning is particularly suited to those learners who enjoy working independently and who possess excellent organizational and time management skills. An important part of adult learning is the opportunity to access a variety of schedules and delivery methods that provide needed flexibility.

Online learning is ideal for:

  • Individuals who are self-motivated
  • Individuals who are good readers
  • Individuals who are self-directed
  • Individuals who do not procrastinate
  • Individuals who are excited and are comfortable with technology

At Barry University, we want to ensure your success in our online community of learners. We have provided an opportunity for you to “test drive” a “Student Demo Course”. You do not need to log in to access the demo course.

How Do I Get Online At Barry University?

Register with your advisor for your first term, and you will be provided with a Barry email account. Log in remotely at, which will give you access to BUCWIS (the Barry University Campus-Wide Information System) and WebAdvisor, where you can see your grades, register for your next term, check your financial aid status, and access your email.

What Course Management System Does Barry Use?

Online learners at the School of School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) use Canvas. To access Barry’s Canvas portal, visit Once you have registered for your online courses, you will be able to log in using your Barry University username and password.

How Do I Access My Online Courses?

Log in at You can also review your book list, access the online library, contact tech support, review the course calendar, and familiarize yourself with the online course management system, Canvas. Not familiar with Canvas? Please visit our Canvas “Student Tutorials” link and self-enroll to access the practice activities.

Will I Have To Log In Or Attend My Online Class At Certain Times?

On the first day of class, you are expected to log in to review the syllabus and begin to familiarize yourself with the course. Your instructor will have assignments and due dates posted. A “best practice” is to log in each day when it is convenient to your schedule to check for announcements or to look at new forum posts. Your instructor will require that you meet deadlines for assignments and tests, as well as reply within a given time frame to discussion board posts. Many online classes also hold synchronous (real-time) sessions using web conferencing from your computer. These sessions will allow you to interact with your professor and your classmates. Your professor will provide you with more details regarding these synchronous sessions.

What If I Have Technical Difficulties?

If you have problems with logging in with your password and/or username, contact the Barry Help Desk at 305-899-3604 or The Barry Help Desk is open Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 9:00 pm. The Barry Help Desk can only assist you with password or log-in issues.

If you are having problems using any of the Canvas tools such as quizzes, forum postings, assignment submissions, accessing any of the course links or anything related to Canvas, please choose one of the following options: contact the Instructure Canvas Help Desk - Tel: 855-976-8669; or Log-in at and click “Help” for Live Chat; 3) or visit

What Does An Online Course Consist of?

A typical week in an online course may look like this:

  • Reading through the current week’s assignments and lecture materials
  • Thoughtfully reading the textbooks for the class as assigned and identifying main points and supporting details
  • Responding by a deadline to discussion questions as posted by the instructor
  • “Discussing” through a discussion board (by a deadline) the responses of fellow classmates
  • Participating in a synchronous (real-time) web conferencing session with your professor and classmates
  • Completing and sending (by a deadline) an assignment to be graded by the instructor
  • Completing an assignment (by a deadline) in a work group comprised of four or five classmates

Will I Be Required To Come To Campus For An Online Class?

Online courses from PACE are delivered completely online and do not require time on campus. Some instructors may require proctored exams, such as a midterm or final. These proctored exams may be paper or computer-based, and can be taken at most of our PACE locations across the state and from a variety of test providers located close to you. Proctored exams can be taken within a range of times and scheduled at your convenience. Review your course syllabus to determine if your course will require a proctored exam.

What Other Resources Are Available?

The Adult Student Resource Guide is the most comprehensive document outlining everything you may need as an adult learner at Barry University. It includes strategies for time management, study skills, test-taking, and recommended adult learner resources. The Student Bulletin outlines all University policies and procedures, course descriptions, site personnel and locations, etc.

What Are The Computer, Software, And Hardware Requirements?

You need to have your own laptop or desktop computer. It would be nearly impossible to complete an online course without immediate access to a computer. Your computer must have one of the following operating systems installed: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or Mac OS 10.2 (minimum). It must also have one of the following Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 (minimum), Firefox 1.5 (minimum), or Google Chrome 8.0 (minimum). You can use a tablet and/or smartphone to access some of your online material, but you will still need a computer to do projects that require word processing and the creation of spreadsheets, graphic design, and PowerPoint presentations, for example.