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Joel Wilcox, PhD

Joel Wilcox, PhD

Professor of Philosophy


Professor Joel Wilcox joined the Barry Faculty in 2004. He has a BA in Art History from the University of California at Irvine, an MA in Philosophy from the Johns Hopkins University, and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota.


Dr. Wilcox wrote a dissertation in Greek philosophy that provided the basis for a book entitled The Origins of Epistemology in Early Greek Thought (Edwin Mellen Press, 1994). He specialized in Greek philosophy for many years, authoring papers such as "Barbarian Psyche in Heraclitus" (The Monist, October 1991) and "Whole-Natured Forms in Empedocles' Cosmic Cycle" (in Before Plato, SUNY Press, 2001).

For some time his research has focused on topics in Asian philosophy and Environmental philosophy, due to the relevance of these areas to contemporary issues. Publications in these areas include "The Metaphysics of Tolerance" (in Religion and the Politics of War, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006), "Sunyata and the Rights of Non-Humans" (Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion, October 2008) and "Ghandian Nonviolence as a Response to Jihadist Terrorism" (in Politics, Pluralism and Religion, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010).

Academic Presentations

Dr. Wilcox has given dozens of presentations on topics in Asian philosophy, Environmental philosophy and Greek philosophy. Representative examples are "Ecosystemic Health and Human Wellbeing (Davis and Elkins College, 2010), "Sustainable Religion" (Portland, Maine, 2009), "Human Rights and the Environment" (Bethany College, 2007), "Virtue East and West: Confucian and Aristotelian Approaches to Morality" (Burlington, Vermont 2006), "Socrates and the Delphic Oracle" (New York City, 2003), "Duality and Discursive Thought" (University of Hawai'i, 1998) and "Phronesis in Aristotle's Political Theory" (Ierissos, Greece, 1994).

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