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Maria Perez injecting a sample into the HPLC for analysis of D-aspartic acid.
Maria Perez injecting a sample into the HPLC for analysis of D-aspartic acid.

The mission of the Department of Physical Sciences is congruent with the mission of the university. Derived from the liberal arts tradition, the study of physical sciences provides students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in support of the intellectual life, through emphasis of life-long learning of chemistry and physics. The study of science provides students with the means to develop the number sense, their analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills that would enable them to approach scientific problems in a systematic, logical and rational way. These acquired sets of skills foster the student's personal growth and allow for both individual and collaborative work through the ethical use of data and the learning of responsible waste disposal methods. The department provides hands-on experience with modern instrumentation through teaching and research, as well as exposure to most sub-disciplines of chemistry and physics. These opportunities broaden the scope of knowledge and educational interest, which would benefit both the students and society as a whole. Acquired knowledge of the basic sciences, upon graduation, prepare students for either the workforce or graduate study in chemistry/biochemistry or for admission to professional programs such as dental, medical, veterinary and pharmacy schools. The department is committed to serving the local and global community through participation and involvement in outreach activities and through meaningful efforts to contribute to social justice.

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