Seminar Series

Spring 2019

Speaker: Christopher D Chouinard, Ph.D.
Florida Institute of Technology

Title: Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry and Associated Methods for Improved Metabolomics Analyses

Date/time/location: February 11, 2019/noon-1 pm/ TWHH 107

Speaker: Joongho Moon, Ph.D.
Florida International University

Title: TBA

Date/time/location: March 20, 2019/noon-1 pm/ TWHH 107

Speaker: Michaela Reyes
Senior Seminar Presentation

Title: Mechanochemistry Leading to a Series of Diaryl Porphyrins

Date/time/location: April 22, 2019/noon-1 pm/ TWHH 107

Speaker: Emily Londono
Senior Seminar Presentation

Title:Synthesis of Potent and Functionally-selective Dualistic Muscarinic Antagonists as Therapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Neurological and Peripheral Disease States

Date/time/location: April 24, 2019/noon-1 pm/ TWHH 107

Speaker: Chevine Johnson
Senior Seminar Presentation

Title: G-protein Coupled Muscarinic Receptors as Targets in Drug Discovery

Date/time/location: April 29, 2019/noon-1 pm/ TWHH 107

Speaker: Audreena Baker
Senior Seminar Presentation

Title: The Effects of Cross-linkers on the Formation of Hybrid Orgo-silica Monolith

Date/time/location: May 1, 2019/ noon-1 pm/ TWHH 107