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Lab Assistant Positions

Students may apply for laboratory work as a laboratory assistant. The laboratory assistant generally assists the lab director with the set-up of experiments for the various teaching labs, maintenance of glassware and chemical inventory databases, general maintenance of the chemical stockroom, and routine inspection of emergency safety equipment. Students must either be a chemistry major or a chemistry minor and have successfully completed either CHE 095 or CHE 111.

The laboratory assistant may also assist a lab instructor with helping students perform various experiments (this assistant is usually referred to as the "TA"). The TA must have successfully completed the course s/he will be assisting in with a grade of "B" or better, and be available during those scheduled lab hours. Students applying for this TA position must be a science major - chemistry major or minor preferred. Applications for these laboratory positions are available through the link above or through the department's Stockroom & Laboratory Director, Maria Aloya (Chemical Stockroom, (305) 899-3434,

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