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Required Technology

All didactic year students are required to own a laptop computer and should have them in their possession at the time of Program Orientation. The program makes syllabi and course materials available online and conducts testing online.

The laptop purchase program through Dell ensures that a laptop is affordable and allows a significant discount off of Dell's normal retail price. The machine incorporates all of the necessary features, speed, capacity, etc., that are required for the Program. Financing of the laptop is available through Dell. The laptops are configured with a software bundle and a three year warranty. They are supported by Barry University's Division of Information Technology.

Developing computer skills is critical to the success of students in the Program and in practice. Though not a requirement for admission, students are expected to possess computer skills prior to matriculation. They are expected to have skills in word processing, email and internet browsing. Students will need to have internet access at their place of residence. This is necessary for communications, assignments, research and maximization of the learning experience. The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is available to assist you.

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