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Barry Clinics

The Barry University Foot and Ankle Institute was established in 1986 as part of the clinical training component for the doctoral program in podiatric medicine at Barry University. Podiatric Medical students are specialists in the foot and leg. After attending four years of undergraduate college, they attend four more years of podiatric medical college, and generally three years of hospital based foot and ankle surgical training.

The mission of the clinics is to provide state of the art, care and treatment for disorders of the foot and ankle. The goal of the clinics is to provide a center of excellence for teaching and research for students and residents of Podiatric Medicine. High quality, ethical, personal care, utilizing evidence based medicine is the standard for all clinics, regardless of the patient's ability to pay. Each patient is personally attended to by a board certified university faculty, medical student and often, a hospital resident.

Barry Clinic Locations

Medical Plaza Building


16800 NW 2nd Avenue,
Suite 202
North Miami Beach, FL 33169
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Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai

4302 Alton Road,
Simon Bldg. Suite 200
Miami Beach FL 33140
(305) 893-9366
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Mercy - Out Patient Building

Mercy - Out Patient Building

3659 South Miami Ave,
Suite 3008
Miami, FL 33133
305-859-7777 Tel
305-859-7444 Fax
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