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Program Objectives

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

  1. Graduates are able to diagnose, and manage pathology of the lower extremity in a variety of clinical settings with emphasis on preventative medicine.
  2. Graduates possess the knowledge of basic medical sciences required to practice as a competent first-year resident.
  3. Graduates successfully compete for placement in a post-graduate podiatric residency training program.
  4. Graduates practice with professionalism.
  5. Graduates effectively communicate with patients and other health care professionals in a multi-disciplinary setting.
  6. Graduates are ethnically and culturally diverse.
  7. Graduates are able to retrieve and interpret the medical and scientific literature.
  8. The program advances scientific knowledge through faculty and student research.
  9. The community receives charitable podiatric health care at school sponsored teaching clinics, humanitarian projects, and health fairs.
  10. The Barry University clinics are pre–eminent centers of excellence for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and disorders of the lower extremity.
  11. Continuing medical education programs model life–long learning for students and diversify revenue streams while supporting licensure renewal for practicing podiatrists.

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