Our Alumni

"In 1997, we created the clinic in Overtown to break down the socioeconomic barriers that prevented many people in this neighborhood from getting medical care. During its operation, we successfully provided for the medical needs of this underserved community in the heart of Miami."

Clifford G. O'Connor, DPM
Barry University, Class of 1992
Clinical Assistant Professor

"My podiatric medical education at Barry University has prepared me well to face the challenges of and to take full advantage of the opportunities available to a woman in the sports medicine arena."

Cynthia Marzouka, DPM
Barry University, Class of 1997
Podiatric Resident
Cedars Medical Center

"As a student in my clinical rotations, and later as an extern visiting different surgical residencies throughout the country, I found that the knowledge base and clinical skills which I developed and received at Barry were above average and often superior to those of students from other podiatric medical schools."

Vern M. Christensen, DPM
Barry Universtiy, Class of 1995
Gilmore Orthopedic Clinic