Planning Assumptions

  • The hurricane will be a major storm - winds in excess of 150 mph.
  • Electricity will not be available for 72-96 hours after the storm.
  • Potable water will not be available for 36-72 hours after the storm.
  • Emergency services (Police, Fire, and Rescue) will not be available during the storm and immediately after (8-14 hours).
  • Telephone service will be out at times during and after the storm.
  • Gasoline will not be available for 48-72 hours after the storm.
  • All students will be released prior to the storm (please see Housing & Residence Life Hurricane Procedures.)
  • Personnel working during the storm will require supportive services, food, and lodging during the storm (50).
  • Minor medical services may be required.
  • There will be damage and flooding during the storm.
  • All nonessential faculty and staff will be released prior to the storm.
  • Trees and debris will block some of the roadways on campus.
  • Sightseers and those with criminal intent will attempt to gain access to campus property when winds subside.
  • The University will not provide shelter for the outside community.
  • Preservation of data in the Administrative Information Services area, the Division of Information Technology, Registrar's Offices and Business Office is a high priority.

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