Emergency Closing Policies

At times, emergencies (such as severe weather, hurricanes, fires, power failures, etc.) can disrupt university operations. In extreme cases, these circumstances may require the closing of Barry University or satellite locations in different parts of the state.

University closing refers to time off with pay granted at the discretion of the President, beginning with the closing of the institution and ending with an announcement that emergency closure has been discontinued.  Emergency closures may apply to an entire work day, a portion of a work day, or to a specified number of hours during the work day.

In the event that such an emergency occurs, local radio and/or television stations will be asked to broadcast notification of the closing. Employees can also call the Emergency Information hotline at 305-899-4000 during a hurricane.

When the University is officially closed due to emergency conditions, the time off from scheduled work will be paid for up to 10 consecutive work days and will not require the use of an employee’s flexible/vacation time off to be paid. If the closure extends beyond the 10 days employees may use any available leave time to be paid. If the university has not declared an emergency closing and the employee cannot attend work, the employee may use available flex/vacation time according to the university leave policies during adverse weather.

Employees who are late or absent in cases where weather may be extreme may request available flexible time/vacation leave according to the university policy. Employees must call their supervisor for their approval first.

Essential Personnel Policy (Hurricane and Other Emergencies)

Certain University personnel may be designated as emergency/essential personnel and may be required to remain on campus immediately before, during, and/or after an emergency to assist in university preparation, repair and/or staff the Emergency Operations Center. Other personnel may be required to remain on campus for shelter operations, security, or for other purposes during the declared emergency.  The President or official university designee will designate the time for the opening and closing of the Emergency Operations Center as well as the period of the declared emergency. Each divisional Vice President will designate essential personnel within their areas.

Compensation for Essential Personnel

Non Exempt- Hourly employees who are required to work outside of their regularly scheduled work hours to assist in preparing the campus for an emergency will be paid at a rate of l.5 times the regular rate for all hours worked over eight (8) in one day or forty (40) in one week. This applies to those essential employees working while the university is officially open but working overtime for preparation.

If work is performed while the university is officially closed, those hourly employees will receive compensation at 2 times the regular rate for all hours worked.

Exempt- Salaried employees who are required to work outside of their regularly scheduled work hours to assist in preparing or those required to remain on campus during times of a declared emergency will earn compensatory time for hours worked. This will be accrued on an hour by hour basis and can be used by the employee within the same fiscal year and must be approved by the supervisor.

All Other Employee Responsibility (Hurricane only)

All other employees are expected to assist the University in hurricane preparedness and/or hurricane response as a condition of employment. When a hurricane warning goes into effect the President or official university designee will make an announcement concerning the securing of University offices and property.  All employees may be required to report to work to secure their personal work areas. 

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