Planning Guides

These guidelines are applicable to all campuses, sites and locations. In all cases, the directives of local emergency management agencies or decisions by host schools/agencies may cause earlier closings.

In addition to any NIMS required roles and responsibilities the following personnel hold, they are also responsible for tasks and actions particular to their job responsibilities: 


  • Declares states of readiness.
  • Orders cancellation of classes.
  • Orders dismissal of nonessential faculty and staff.
  • Issues directives concerning resumption of services.
  • Member, Command Team.

Vice President for Business Development & Operations

  • Directs mobilization of Public Safety Department to provide for the safety of campus personnel and protection of property.
  • Directs the Auxiliary Services Department to implement the food service emergency plan.

Senior Vice President for Business And Finance

  • Directs mobilization of Physical Plant and make the campus storm ready.
  • Maintains liaison with insurance company.
  • Member, Command Team.

Vice President for Mission and Student Engagement

  • Provides personnel to handle medical emergencies.
  • Provides for order and discipline.
  • Member, Command Team.
  • Provides the coordination of transportation as needed to county shelters.

Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

  • Oversees activities of Grounds, Housekeeping, and Maintenance units
  • Reports states of readiness to Senior Vice President Business and Finance and ECA.
  • Assists Senior Vice President for Business and Finance with insurance claim processing.
  • Member, Command Team.

Director, Building Services

  • Coordinates efforts of Grounds and Housekeeping units
  • Conducts inspection of the campus for post-storm damage assessment.
  • Directs preparation of buildings for occupancy after the storm.
  • Provides personnel to assist in making campus storm-ready.
  • Provides necessary equipment at shelter locations (wet vacs, mops, buckets, wringers, etc.).
  • Provides personnel during the storm for general custodial service.
  • Determine paper, plastic and cleaning supply inventory
  • Coordinate storage location and delivery of emergency supplies
  • Coordinate securing trash cans, butt kits and any other items that may become flying debris

Maintenance Manager

  • Ensure Hurricane Locker is stocked. 
  • Update maintenance staff tasking schedule for hurricane preparation, actual event support, post hurricane inspections, and repair assistance.
  • Conduct and document emergency generator tests for all main campus generator sets.
  • Check all portable generators for proper operation.
  • Inspect shutters and associate hardware for installation
  • Check all campus sump pumps for proper operation prior to any hurricane threat.
  • Check and test campus lift stations for proper operation prior to any hurricane threat.
  • Inspect all campus roofs for loose debris to include the breezeways as well as all open areas.
  • Shut down all major equipment in buildings in case of a severe hurricane.

Grounds Manager

  • Provides grounds personnel to assist in pre-storm preparation and recovery efforts
  • Provides for the removal of all debris and loose objects from campus.
  • Directs restoration of exterior areas to normal after the storm.
  • Prepare low entrances and entrances that routinely allow water intrusion
  • Secure all picnic tables; loose chairs, pool furniture and any other items that may become hazardous flying debris during high winds.
  • Check the operation of all chain saws and other equipment and grounds vehicles that may be used to clear debris.
  • Ensure all dumpsters are emptied immediately prior to securing pre-hurricane operations.

Director of Public Safety

  • Provides for storm tracking and weather forecast monitoring.
  • Directs establishment of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC).
  • Provides for physical security.
  • Provides traffic control prior to and after the storm.
  • Assists with order and discipline.
  • Maintains liaison with Police, Fire, and Medical Services.
  • Reports storm progress to Vice President for Business Development & Operations
  • Member, Command Team.

Director of Housing and Residential Life

  • Maintains order and discipline in residence halls during “lock down” situation
  • Directs evacuation of residence halls upon advisement from the Command Decision Team
  • Distributes student procedures guide.
  • Maintains a list of residents' locations, on or off campus.

Assistant Vice President of Business Development and Operations

  • Coordinates food service plan with Food Service Director.
  • Directs implementation of food service plan upon advisement by EOC.

Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing

  • Coordinates all public communications, internal and external, concerning dismissal of classes, dismissal of staff, and resumption of services.
  • Responsible for all media contacts.

Associate Vice President for Administrative Information Systems

  • Determine extent and seriousness of disaster (system shutdown, loss of data integrity) and notify the Chief Information Officer.
  • Convene the disaster recovery team (system and database administrators) and coordinate with Facilities Management when necessary.
    Coordinate with deans, department heads and liaisons on user priorities and office procedures during recovery.
  • Supervise and coordinate with the system administrator recovery procedures related but not limited to: the administrative server, computer room environment, peripherals and the administrative software.
  • Ensure that the administrative software is functioning properly and the integrity of the data is assured.
  • Communicate with Barry community depending on what if any systems are operative: network, AIS login message, Data Center Notebook.

Chief Information Officer

  • Notify all department personnel, students and faculty in our facilities that a Hurricane Watch has been declared.
    Convene the ACC Disaster Recovery Team for a briefing and planning session.
  • Determine the manpower required to accomplish the procedures listed in the "Emergency Preparedness Procedures Handbook" and dismiss all non-essential personnel.
  • Maintain communications with Provost and VP Academic Affairs, with continuing updates, as situations require.
    Maintain a communications network between the ACC and department liaisons via the IT Support Desk.
  • Verify that all departments have completed the necessary preparations for securing their computing equipment via the IT Support Desk.
  • Maintain constant communication with all ACC Disaster Recovery Team members for progress updates or need for assistance.
  • Communicate with Facilities Management to ensure that all of our facilities needs are being met.
  • Communicate with Public Safety that they possess a current emergency contact phone list.
  • Coordinating recovery with client departments "our customers", of the campus wide BarryNet network, assisting administrative personnel in recovery program.
  • Maintain consistent communications with the EOC of the extent of damage and recovery procedures being implemented.