The Operational Plan

Initiative I: Provide Distinctive and Excellent Academic Programming.


  1. Cultivate a culture of academic excellence where both faculty and students thrive
  2. Determine and develop flagship academic programs
  3. Determine the most effective and efficient mix and size of programs
  4. Develop an academic program evaluation process (balance mission, market, and quality; policies, systems, objective)
  5. Enhance curriculum with international components
  6. Deliver programs by multiple means (explore on-line programming, languages, international locations)
  7. Cultivate an academic environment rooted in our Catholic Dominican mission
  8. Establish standardized approach to managing graduate programs
  9. Create a University-wide 1st Year Experience program for traditional undergraduate students
  10. Define and deliver academic and personal support programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our students

Initiative II: Create Student Centered Learning Communities.


  1. Analyze and improve our service to students (apply best practices; on and off campus)
  2. Assess and improve student retention
  3. Increase diversity of faculty and staff at all levels to more closely reflect our student body
  4. Create vibrant, multicultural campus environments that are welcoming to our diverse student body (expectations, training, evaluation)
  5. Increase student engagement on all campuses
  6. Provide opportunities for all students to explore and deepen their own religious identity and spirituality (active inquiry)
  7. Ensure that our University spaces are comfortable and attractive for students, faculty, and staff interactions

Initiative III: Ensure Our Financial Sustainability and Vitality.


  1. Build stronger relationships with alumni, friends, and business and community leaders
  2. Adapt our economic system to increase efficiency, diversify revenue streams, and generate consistent annual surpluses from operations (including financial analysis of all operating units)
  3. Strengthen our fundraising capacity and build the endowment
  4. Determine the optimum size and mix for our student body
  5. Right size our physical, technological, and administrative//human resource infrastructure
  6. Develop a University-wide pricing strategy that is based on best practices, appropriate to our target markets, and makes effective use of tuition discounting
  7. Develop a coherent, adaptive, and appropriately resourced marketing strategy
  8. Create a University-wide protocol for new program development

Initiative IV: Renew Our Commitment to Excellence.


  1. 1 Create a service culture based on our mission, clear expectations, measurement and evaluation systems, and accountability - PEOPLE
    1. Create a service culture based on our mission, clear expectations, measurement and evaluation systems, and accountability - PROCESS
  2. Become an employer of choice (reward, recognition, quality of work life; standards, systems, equity, accountability; collaboration, professional development, succession planning; academic freedom)
  3. Develop a University-wide master plan
  4. Build the connectedness of all students, faculty and staff to the University and its mission

Initiative V: Establish Diversity and Community Service as the Integrating Dimensions of Our Identity.


  1. Establish standards and expectations that facilitate and support University commitment to community service
  2. Create a Center for Community Initiatives
  3. Evaluate how our commitment to diversity and multiculturalism is understood, received and incorporated
  4. Strategically enhance our multinational and multicultural niche
  5. Expand our reach to our local communities to enhance our international multi-cultural orientation and image
  6. Integrate consistent messages relative to our identity in all marketing efforts

Initiative VI: Develop a Transformative, Transparent and Collaborative Governance System.


  1. Develop a governance system that responds to identified needs and emphasizes institutionally-centered decisions
  2. Develop (revise as appropriate) comprehensive and consistent policies and procedures at all levels (including handbooks)
  3. Develop a comprehensive, University-wide communication plan that will ensure timely, accurate and appropriate communication

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