Accounts Payable


The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for the payment of all university related expenses, these include: utility bills, travel advances and reimbursements, vendor payments, petty cash and general reimbursements, etc. We are also responsible for the asset inventory, and oversee internal controls that help to minimize the risk of fraud and costly errors, such as, duplicate or over payments to vendors. In addition, we also assure that proper documentation is received with each request for payment to support the integrity of all disbursements, as mandated by accounting rules and regulations.


  • To provide professional, courteous services to the Barry and vendor community.
  • To provide timely and accurate payments of all University expenditures.
  • To educate and inform the Barry community of our policies and procedures.
  • To search for alternative methods for improved processes.

General Information

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, except on designated University holidays.