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Michael A. DeDonno, PhD

Michael A. DeDonno, PhD

Assistant Professor
Library, Room 158
(305) 899-3273

Dr. DeDonno is a cognitive psychologist with an emphasis in human performance. Prior to coming to Barry, Dr. DeDonno earned his MBA at Baldwin Wallace College, and his MA and PhD at Case Western Reserve University.

Research Interests

Dr. DeDonno explores the factors that influence human performance. Initial research questions include why certain individuals do better on various tasks, and how various cognitive and/or emotional factors impact an individual's task performance. Additional questions include how cultural, ethnicity, gender, self-efficacy, time pressure, and other group and individual factors impact individual performance.

Selected Supervised Student Research

  • Simpson, B. (2013). The influence of perception of body image and dietary habits on an individual’s confidence to lose weight. Master’s Thesis
  • Statler, E. (2013).  Self-Concept & Body Image, Predictors of Stage of Change. Master’s Thesis
  • Honigfort, A. (2013). The influence of stereotype threat and perfectionism on female student’s math performance. Master’s Thesis
  • Bedford, A. (2013). Stereotype threat and academic performance among children with physical disabilities.  Master’s Thesis
  • Musiala, C. (2012) Interactions between cognitive and emotional intelligence on adjustment to college. Master’s Thesis

Selected Publications

  • DeDonno, M. A., & Fagan, J. F. (2013).  Family Attributes and College Students’ Academic Self-concept.  North American Journal of Psychology, 15(1), 49-62.
  • DeDonno, M. A. (2012).  Dental anxiety, dental visits and oral hygiene practices. Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry, 10(2), 129-133.
  • Demaree, H.A., Burns, K.J., DeDonno, M.A., Agarwala, E.K., & Everhart, D.E. (2012). Risk dishabituation: In repeated gambling, risk is reduced following a low probability, “surprising,” event (win or losses). Emotion, 12(3), 495-502.
  • Demaree, H. A., Burns, K. J., & DeDonno, M. A. (2010). Intelligence, but not emotional intelligence predicts Iowa Gambling Task performance. Intelligence, 38(2), 249-254.
  • Kausch, O., Smith, D., DeDonno, M.A., McCormick, R., & Thomas, N. (2010, April). Awareness of weight Status and Desire for Weight Change Among Psychotic Patients with Severe Mental Illness. Schizophrenia Research, 117(2), 198. (abstract)
  • Demaree, H. A., DeDonno, M. A., Burns, K. J., Feldman, P., & Everhart, D. E. (2009). Trait dominance predicts risk-taking. Personality and Individual Differences, 47(5), 419-422.
  • DeDonno, M. A., & Demaree, H. A. (2008).  Perceived time pressure and the Iowa        Gambling Task.  Judgment and Decision Making, 3(8), 636-640.
  • Demaree, H. A., DeDonno, M. A., Burns, K.J., & Everhart, D. E. (2008). You Bet: How Personality Differences Affect Risk-Taking Preferences. Personality and Individual Differences, 44, 1484-1494.
  • DeDonno, M. A., & Detterman, D. K. (2008). Poker Is a Skill. Gaming Law Review, 12(1), 31-36.

Oral Presentations

  • DeDonno, M.A., Rivera-Torres, K., & Fagan, J.F. (2013, March). Bilingualism, Time Pressure and the Scholastic Assessment Test. Florida Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting. Miami Shores, FL.
  • DeDonno, M.A. (2012, March). Perception of weight status and willingness to change.  Florida Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting. Tampa, FL.
  • DeDonno, M.A. (2011, March). Stereotype threat and academic performance.  Florida Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting. Melbourne, FL.
  • Rivera-Torres, K. & DeDonno, M.A. (2011, March). Time Pressure and the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Barry University Research Forum, Miami Shores. FL.
  • DeDonno, M. A. (2008, May). Mood Disorders and Cognitive Functioning.John Carroll University. Cleveland, OH.
  • DeDonno, M. A. (2008, April). Time Pressure and Academic Performance.  East Carolina University. Greenville, NC.

Poster Presentations

  • DeDonno, M.A. (2013, May). The Influence of Dental Anxiety on Oral Hygiene Practices. Association Psychological Science Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.
  • Rivera-Torres, K., & DeDonno, M.A. (2011, May).  Time Pressure and the Scholastic Assessment Test. Association Psychological Science Annual Conference, Washington, DC.
  • DeDonno, M. A., & Fagan, J. A. (2010, May).  Family attributes and academic self-concept. Association Psychological Science Annual Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Musiala, C., DeDonno, M.A., & Szuchman, L. (2010, April). The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Adjustment to College. Barry University Research Forum, Miami Shores, FL.
  • Pierre-Smith, N., DeDonno, M.A., & Koncsol, W. S. (2010, April). Psychotherapy or Medication?  Who Needs What: A Cross-Cultural Study. Barry University Research Forum, Miami Shores, FL.
  • DeDonno, M.A., Demaree, H.A. (2008, November). Self-efficacy: An Important Factor in Time Pressure and Decision Making. Society for Judgment and Decision Making Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • DeDonno, M. A., & Detterman, D.K. (2007, April). Poker Is a Skill. Case Research Showcase, Case Western Reserve University Research Showcase, Cleveland, OH.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Tests and Measurement
  • Research Methods

Graduate Courses

  • Master’s Thesis writing course

Professional Service

  • Social Sciences Section Chair- Florida Academy of Science
  • Member - Association for Psychological Science
  • Member - International Society for Intelligence Research
  • Member - Society for Judgment and Decision Making
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer – Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer – Cognition and Emotion
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer - Journal of Behavioral Decision Making
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer – International Journal of Educational Research
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer – Personality and Individual Differences
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer – Infant and Child Development
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer – Educational Psychology

U.S. Government clearance – Secret - October 4, 2011

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