PUB 511W Graduate Writing & Research (non-credit) (offered online only)
PUB 501 Introduction to Public Administration (3 credits) (offered online only)

Applicants who have attained an undergraduate cumulative grade point average of BELOW a 3.5 GPA will be required to take the PUB 511W Graduate Writing and Research workshop (non-credit/no cost workshop). Students who have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or better who have been out of school for more than 4 years are also required to take the PUB 511W in the first term of enrollment. Anyone can take this class, but those who wish to take it should do so in their first term of enrollment.  This is a non-credit, no cost workshop.

Minimum 36 Credits to Complete Degree

PUB 503Theories, Principles and Practice of Public Administration
PUB 535Research Methodologies
PUB 545Values and Ethics in Public Administration
PUB 605Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation
PUB 609Seminar in Public Financial Administration
PUB 611Seminar in Public Human Resources Administration
PUB 635Leadership in Public Purpose Organizations
PUB 647Public Law and Administration
PUB 670Public Planning and Growth Management
PUB 699Capstone: Applied Project

Continue the MPA program with PUB 5xx and 6xx courses.

The MPA program is a minimum of 36 credits to complete (39 with PUB 501); up to 6 credits are transferable from other accredited programs. Please refer to transfer credit section.

Complete the MPA program with PUB 699 Capstone Project.

Elective Courses (6 Credits/Select Any 2)

PUB 622Non-Profit Administration
PUB 623Productivity Improvement in the Public Sector
PUB 650Public/Private Enterprise
PUB 660Public Policy and Administrative Process