Barry University launches bike-sharing service on Jan. 23 2018

Campus Recreation & Wellness is pleased to announce a bike-sharing service on campus! The new service is in partnership with LimeBike, and will start on January 23rd, 2018 with 35 LimeBikes being available to rent on campus. The bikes will be spread out amongst seven locations around campus: Penafort Pool, Andreas Hall, Browne/Dunspaugh residence halls, Garner Hall, Landon Student Union, Dominican residence hall and the School of Podiatric Medicine. Bike Sharing

The bikes are available to all Barry students, faculty and staff, who can easily rent a LimeBike by downloading the LimeBike app, which is available for apple and android phones. Creating a LimeBike account with a email address will allow members of the Barry community to receive a discounted rate of 50 cents for every 30 minutes of use. The LimeBike app will also show riders where the nearest bike is on campus.

LimeBikes use a completely dockless system and are GPS equipped, meaning renters and riders don’t have to return the bike to a docking station when they are finished. Instead, when the user is done riding, or has reached their final destination, whether that be on or near campus, at the beach or anywhere else, they can simply just leave the bike there and walk away. It’s really that easy!

LimeBikes are weatherproof and have rustproof frames. They also have puncture-proof foam tires and solar panels that allow the bikes to charge while sitting outside. There are also technological features that allow users to unlock the bikes via QR codes to start their ride. All of the bikes have a basket, front and rear lights for riding at night and a locking mechanism that goes over the back tire.

“Bringing LimeBike to Barry University will not only allow our students to be more mobile around campus and the greater Miami area, but it will provide a low-cost means of transportation to them as well,” said Eli Olken-Dann, director of Campus Recreation and Wellness. “Our students are always looking for alternative forms of exercise, and having bikes on campus will fill that need.”

You can learn more about LimeBike here: