Intramural Policies and Procedures

Entry Procedures

  1. Team Sports

    1. Secure a team roster from the Recreation Office (TH 217).
    2. Check on the eligibility of your team members.
    3. Have each team member read the waiver at the bottom of the roster, and sign his/her name.
    4. Return the completed roster form. You will receive information regarding the rules and the mandatory captain's meeting before the specified deadline.
    5. Return to the office on game day(s) to receive a finalized schedule for the season and/or weekly updates.

  2. Individual/Dual Sports or Special Events:

    1. Present a valid Barry ID, read the waiver/release, and then sign it.
    2. Complete the Special Events sign-up sheet.
    3. Pick up a copy of the rules regarding the activity.
    4. Come by on event day to receive tournament draw.

  3. Free Agent Program:

    A large percentage of Barry students participate in campus recreation without belonging to a group or and organization. During registration time, the Recreation Office will maintain a list of free agents and will attempt to form team(s) using that pool of individuals to refer them to other team captains.

  4. Late Entries:

    Late entries will be kept on file and schedules at the discretion of the Director. Considerations such as the availability of facilities and the number of teams which can be accommodated will determine whether a late entry can be accepted. A team may enter the league late if they replace a forfeited team. Teams assume the record of the losing team.

  5. Completed Rosters:

    All entry forms must be filled out completely. Players may be added to the roster up until the second game of the season. Players may participate for only one team, and thus appear on only one roster.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Forfeit Policy:

    A team or individual not ready to play at the scheduled location at the scheduled time shall automatically forfeit the contest. Game time is forfeit time. A team will be eliminated from league play after its second forfeit, no excuses. Starting time may be extended at the discretion of the Director in the event of inclement weather, department scheduling error/conflict, or some other unforeseen incident. Forfeit losses will be issued for:

    1. Use of ineligible players (see Eligibility).
    2. Unofficial rescheduling of a contest.
    3. Non-appearance/tardiness at a scheduled contest.
    4. Unsportsman-like behavior (see Conduct section).
    5. Any detectable signs of substance abuse.

    Games which are completed prior to a team being dropped from the league for forfeits shall remain official, while games not yet played will be recorded as "wins" for the opposing team.

  2. Scheduling:

    Campus Recreation and Wellness is willing to cooperate in extraordinary circumstances by allowing an occasional postponement. Postponement requests must be submitted at least five days in advance. The following procedure explains:

    1. Fill out a postponement request form in Recreation Office.
    2. The team captain must call the opponent's captain and secure his/her contest.
    3. Receive a new date and time for event from Director.

    Make-up games will be made up at the end of the season. The first available day will be scheduled and teams will be expected to play a doubleheader if necessary. Playoffs will follow immediately thereafter.

  3. Eligibility:

    The Recreation Office will endeavor to check the validity of all participants. Team captains are however, ultimately responsible for a team member's eligibility. All players must have a current Barry ID and present it before the season begins; No Exceptions. There is no limit to team members.

    All playoff teams will need to re-present their ID's. All players must appear on the roster with their complete name. All rosters will be frozen after the second week of play. Participants may only play for one team. Any infraction of these rules will result in the expulsion of that player, the team will be penalized with a forfeit, and that team will be put under probation. Any player guilty of this offense must meet with the Director in order to be reinstated for future events. Any team under probation will be closely monitored, and is subject to expulsion on their next offense.

    All intramural sports are open to all Barry participants regardless of gender or ability. Co-rec teams will require that a minimum number of women must be on the field of play at all times. There is no maximum. A woman must replace another woman in the case of substitution to maintain the required minimum. Varsity athletes are allowed to participate in any sport other than a related sport. This includes red shirts, Prop. 48 students, or those working out with varsity teams.

  4. Conduct:

    The development of sportsmanlike behavior is one of the major goals with Barry recreation. A team captain is responsible for the conduct of his/her players, whereas the team is responsible for their own actions and of spectators associated with the team. The conduct of players and spectators before and after the game is just as important as the conduct during the game. Any individual that is suspended must leave the facility. This is the captain's responsibility; failure to comply will result in a forfeit for the team and probation. Protests must be made at the time of the incident and fill out a protest form found in the Recreation Office. The following policies will be in effect to discourage unsportsman-like behavior in the following cases:

    1. Disrespect towards officials and/or staff may result in ejection from the game, which carried a one game suspension thereafter, or disqualification from league play, In the event of a team being ejected, the result will be a forfeit and probation. An appeal may be filled in writing to the Director within one working day.
    2. Shoving/Striking an official will result in suspension from all recreational events for one year minimum. The Director will determine the severity and could become part of your student file. This includes an attempt to strike.
    3. Becoming involved in a fight will result in suspension from league play. If an "instigator(s)" can be identified, then the penalty may lessen for the "victim." Outside party intervention may also result in suspension.
    4. Any sign of drugs or alcohol will result in that individual's suspension from league play. The officials assigned to the game, any recreation staff member, or public safety officer has the authority to disallow participation on the basis of a student's breath, a student's actions or language, or the presence of the substance.
    5. Any team or person that willfully destroys or damages equipment shall assume responsibility of replacing the item. The offender(s) may also be suspended.

General Information

  1. Weather:

    Weather decisions will be made solely by the event coordinator or the Recreation Director. For information on cancellations and make-up dates, contact the Recreation Office.

  2. Equipment & Attire:

    There will be certain equipment that will be available on game day. This equipment is limited, so participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

    Participants are expected to dress accordingly in relation to the activity. Any recreational staff member can disallow participation on the basis of improper clothing that may damage a playing surface or endanger a participant. Shoes must always be worn. No metal cleats are allowed.

  3. Health & Safety:

    The number one concern for Barry recreation is that all participants enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Rule modifications and facility upkeep are maintained in order to secure this. On site trainers will be at all intramural events and will endeavor to render basic treatment if necessary. Please note that Barry University is not responsible for injuries incurred by participants or spectators while participating in any recreation event. It is recommended that students carry health insurance and accident coverage. Information on student insurance is available. Campus Recreation and Wellness will try to build as safe an environment as possible. All participants should understand however, that the possibility of an injury is inherent to sports. Also, players should be careful to follow any doctor's instructions concerning physical handicaps, injuries, illnesses, and their involvement in any activity.

  4. Officials:

    The Recreation staff will provide quality officiating at all recreation events. Opportunities for students interested in officiating are available for basketball, flag football, and softball. Those interested should contact the Recreation Director two weeks before the season begins.

  5. Winners:

    1. Intramural champions will receive Barry Recreation Champion apparel and will be eligible for extramural competition that is made available throughout the academic year.

  6. Evolution:

    Campus Recreation and Wellness at Barry wants to meet the needs of the students. At times, those needs become difficult to identify. For recreation to evolve, the students must be active and voice their opinions concerning what they want from recreation. Become involved. Barry University has committed itself to making recreation a quality program. It is affiliated with the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), a member driven organization that is on the cutting edge of recreational sports. The Director and immediate staff draw from more than tem years of recreational experience.

    There will always be an Open Door policy for students that would like to speak to the Director in regards to recreational programming. Suggestions are always welcome.

The Recreation Office will always be open from: Monday-Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm.

For more information, call 305-899-3063 or email us at