Dr. Maurizio Giannotti published an article entitled “Cool WISPs for stellar cooling excesses” in the Journal of Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, JCAP 1605 (2016) no.05, 057, in collaboration with: Igor Irastorza (Zaragoza U., Spain), Javier Redondo (Zaragoza U., Spain & Munich, Max Planck Inst., Germany), Andreas Ringwald (DESY, Germany)]. In July, he was invited to present a talk “ALPs in stars” at the Any Light Particle Search (ALPS II) meeting in Berlin, Germany. He also, made two presentations at the International Conference in High Energy Physics in Chicago, IL both on August 4, 2016. The first talk titled “Hints of new physics from stars” was followed by the official presentation for The International Axion Observatory (IAXO) collaboration: “IAXO, next-generation of helioscopes”. The results from his first talk were spotlighted by ScienceNews:

30th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), University of North Carolina, Asheville , April 7-9, 2016. Dr. Flona Redway, RISE Director and Dr. Stephanie Bingham, Associate Professor presented on “Incorporating Research into the Biology Curriculum”. RISE students Gabriela Hernandez and Kevin Williams made poster presentations.

Annual Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), December 12-16, 2015, San Diego, CA. Dr. Leticia Vega, Associate Professor delivered a poster presentation on her on-going research in telomeres. RISE students Kamren Livingston and KeiAuyndria Edwards made poster presentations.

8th Annual Florida Statewide Symposium, Engagement in Undergraduate Research, October 2-3, 2015, in Orlando, FL. Dr. Teresa Petrino-Lin, Associate Professor, and Dr. Yu-Wai Peter Lin, Associate Professor delivered a presentation in “Undergraduate Research Practices at a Small University.”

Dr. Tamara Hamilton, co-authored three poster presentations with two RISE students, Diana Cordero and Shanika Kinsgton at Pacifichem 2015, Honolulu, HI. She also co-authored another poster presentation with Shanika Kingston at the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting (ACS), San Diego, CA, March 12-14, 2016.