Stephanie Bingham, PhD: (University of Missouri-Columbia), Associate Professor, 2008-present. Dr. Bingham is a MBRS/MIRT Barry alum (1997). Her dissertation focused on understanding some of the mechanisms underlying hindbrain development in zebrafish, specifically, motor neuron migration. She comes to Barry following post-doctoral training at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where she examined the role of phosphatases in axon outgrowth and guidance. Dr. Bingham has mentored Julie Cadet, Jonothan Colon, Gabrielle Johnson, Gabriela Toro, Nella Delva, Elizabeth Nguyen, Shanika Kingston, Mariana Ruiz, Joshua Kelly and Marissa Jones.

Stephanie Bingham, PhD

Xiaotang Hu, PhD: (Hunan Medical University, China) Associate Professor, 2003-present, studies the function of nonmuscle myosin II and the RhoGTPase pathway in leg and wing morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster. Dr Hu mentored Tina Franklin, Talia Guardia, David Novo, Alice Nakasone and is mentoring Jocelyn Baquier and Llona Kavege.

Xiaotang Hu, PhD

Peter Lin, PhD: (Johns Hopkins University), Professor, 1993-present, studies the modulation of gonadotropin subunit MRNA expressions by sex steroids and gonadal peptides. His research has been funded by the MBRS SCORE, and NSF grants. Dr. Lin has mentored undergraduate students including RISE Blandine Victor, Ricardo DeMoya, Gesulla Toussaint and Jodi-Ann Browning-Bent.

Peter Lin, PhD

Laura Mudd, PhD: (University of Florida), Professor, 1993-present, is determining the effects of β-amyloid, a protein implicated in Alzheimer's disease, on cholinergic neurons of the septal nucleus cells which are involved in memory and are particularly susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Mudd has mentored undergraduate and graduate students including Odaine Gordon and Poincyane Assis-Nascimento.

Laura Mudd, PhD

Teresa Petrino, PhD: (University of Tucuman, Argentina), Associate Professor, 1993-present, collaborates with Dr Lin on the actions of inhibin/activin on the ovarian follicle using a teloest model. She received NSF funding to equip the core biology laboratory. She has mentored undergraduate students including Jodi-Ann Browning-Bent and Kevin Williams and Bertina Telusma.

Teresa Petrino, PhD

Brenda Schoffstall, PhD: (Florida State University). Dr. Schoffstall's doctoral dissertation topic was "Modulators of myosin activity and actomyosin interaction: potential for deoxy-ATP as a positive inotrope in cardiac muscle". She comes to Barry with post-doctoral experience at FSU in electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee. Dr. Schoffstall has mentored undergraduate students including Precious De Verteuil,Nicole Lopezand Gabriela Hernandez.

Brenda Schoffstall, PhD

Leticia Vega, PhD: (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Associate Professor, 2005-present, studies a yeast protein, Pif1p, which inhibits telomere formation by affecting telomerase.Telomeres, have been implicated in the development of cancers and in aging. Dr Vega has mentored RISE and MARC students including Lina Arencibia, Mallory Jorif and Alice Nakasone, Jovans Lorquet, KeiAuyndria Edwards,Pedro Sanchez, and Kamren Livingston.

Leticia Vega, PhD


John Boulos, PhD: (The City College of New York) Associate Professor, 1999-present, studies synthesis of muscarinic agonists for the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Boulos has mentored undergraduate students including Yanierys Cruz and Gloria Perez.

John Boulos, PhD

George Fisher, PhD: (University of Miami) Professor, 1988-present, studies altered amino acids (racemized D-form) in dysfunctional proteins and their relation to diseases such as Alzheimer's and osteoarthritis. Dr. Fisher has mentored undergraduate and graduate students including Kevin Peterson and Maria Perez.

George Fisher, PhD

Maurizio Giannotti, PhD: (University of L'Aquila) Assistant Professor, 2009-present, has research experience in astrophysics, particle physics, and quantum field theory. His research interests are on the interface between particle physics and astrophysics/cosmology. He is particularly interested in the impact that modern theories have on stellar objects and on cosmological observables, which allows for validating various proposed theories of the fundamental interactions. Current focus has been on numerical analysis and stimulation of stellar evolution. Dr. Giannotti has mentored undergraduate students including Aaron Mohammed.

Maurizio Giannotti, PhD

Tamara Hamilton, PhD: (University of Iowa), Associate Professor, 2001-present, attended undergraduate studies at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada (2001). Graduate work at the University of Iowa involved metal-organic polyhedra and polygons made from building blocks that were synthesized in the solid state. She comes to Barry following a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Montreal where she studied the crystallization of molecules containing pyrogallol. Her research at Barry will focus on metal-organic polyhedra with porphyrin walls and their catalytic properties. Dr. Hamilton is mentoring Michaela Reyes, and has mentored other undergraduate students including Andrea Orvieto,Shanika Kingston and Diana Dumit.

Tamara Hamilton, PhD

Zuzana Zajickova, PhD: (Florida Atlantic University). Assistant Professor, 2006-present, investigates the physical and chromatographic properties of the alumina and silica monoliths with the photografted nanolayer of polymeric material. She has mentored undergraduate students.

Zuzana Zajicova, PhD