Student Experiences

"The MBRS RISE program has taken my education to a whole new level. It has provided me with the experience and training I needed to comfortably pursuit a postgraduate education. Without the program I would not be in the career path I am in right now, and for that I am extremely grateful."

- Talia Guardia

Talia Guardia

"I can't stress enough how important programs like MBRS RISE are for minority students such as myself. If it weren't for these programs many of us would never be exposed to research, and therefore hindering us from achieving our full potential as well rounded students."

- Requel Peralta

Requel Peralta

"Most individuals think about the future with anxiety. Will I be successful? Will I be able to fulfill all my dreams? Will I be able to become the person I am working so hard to become? The MBRS RISE program is an alternative designed for students that instead of wondering rather experience the future. "

- Lina Arencibia

Lina Arencibia

"Before enrolling in the MBRS-RISE program, I was just a normal student with a good academic record. Thanks to the MBRS-RISE program, I graduated from Barry University with more than a good academic record. The program exposed me to research off campus, which helped me to develop new laboratory skills, activities such as poster presentations to enhance communication skills, and a variety of workshops relevant to my academic progress as a researcher. It was through the MBRS-RISE program that I was able to become a stronger candidate for the chemistry PhD program."

- Maria Perez

Maria Perez

"I have been a part of an amazing program while being at Barry. The MBRS RISE program has helped me in developing my science skills and has broadened my perspectives of the biomedical world. I will forever be grateful for that experience."

- Maxime Jean

Maxime Jean