Biomedical Seminar Series

RISE students make formal presentations to the Barry Community of their research conducted during BFoRe and SRE.   During our weekly Biomedical Seminar Series, students make oral presentations of their research; they also make poster presentations during our Annual STEM Symposium.

On-Campus Research
On-Campus Research
On-Campus Research

Some recent presentations include:

PresenterTitleResearch Site
Cordero, Diana“Calibrating tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (TRIS) buffers for pH measurements in natural seawater." University of Miami, FL
Dauphin Sea Lab Institute, AL
Hernandez, Gabriela “Identification of developmental defects of Dynamin related protein network.”University of Missouri, MI
Barry University, FL
Kelly, Josh "Deciphering the Role of Calcium in the Mechanism of Integrin α1β1 and α2β1 I-Domain Ligand Binding." University of Missouri, MO
Vanderbilt University, TN
Livingston, Kamren

“Depletion of essential proteins leads to DNA repair mediated bacterial cell death.”

University of California, San Diego
Bertina Telusma

“Nanobody inhibition of the Origin Recognition Complex”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology