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Biomedical Seminar Series

RISE students make formal presentations to the Barry Community of their research conducted during BFoRe and SRE.   During our weekly Biomedical Seminar Series, students make oral presentations of their research; they also make poster presentations during our Annual STEM Symposium.

On-Campus Research

Some recent presentations include:

PresenterTitleResearch Site
Flores, SueUnderstanding the role of ld-transpeptidation in growth of the bacterial plant pathogen agrobacterium tumefaciensUniversity of Missouri, MO
Guardia, TaliaDetermining the role of Hyaluronic acid synthase 2 (Has2) on metastasis of lung adenocarcinomaMassachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
Kingston, ShanikaCharacterization of novel genes required for meiotic silencing by unpaired DNAUniversity of Missouri, MO
Lorquet, JovansIn vivo characterization of protein interactions in S. pombe through confocal microscopyYale University, CT
Nakasone, AliceS. aureus and biofilm developmentBarry University, FL
Ruiz, Mariana

Learning research techniques at Barry University

Barry University, FL

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