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Biomedical Seminar Series

RISE students make formal presentations to the Barry Community of their research conducted during BFoRe and SRE.   During our weekly Biomedical Seminar Series, students make oral presentations of their research; they also make poster presentations during our Annual STEM Symposium.

On-Campus Research

Some recent presentations include:

PresenterTitleResearch Site
Cordero, Diana"Sulfur containing compounds as potential precursors of dimethylsulfide (DMS) and methanethiol (MeSH).” Dauphin Sea Lab Institute, AL
Edwards, KeiAuyndria"What is the mechanism by which IL-12 increases Hut 78 T cell activation?"University of Iowa
Hernandez, Gabriela “Tissue changes during wound healing in wild type Danio rerio” Barry University, FL
Kelly, Josh "Micro-dystrophin can partially restore myosin heavy chain distribution in the canine model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy" University of Missouri, MO
Kingston, Shanika“Preliminary results for an estrogen receptor heterodimer inducing compound”University of Wisconsin, Madison
Livingston, Kamren

“The effect of PHLLP2 deletion on related protein levels in the brain”

University of California, San Diego
Mariana Ruiz-Velez

“Cre recombinase has no significant effect on dendritic complexity of cultured hippocampal neurons.”

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bertina Telusma

"Identification and characterization of proteins interacting with STRA8"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Williams, Kevin

“Polymerization of actin filaments and comparison of cryo images of Formvr, comercial Quantifoil and triofal”

University of California, San Diego

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