Brandon Foeman

Fund Manager
Sectors: Consumer Staples & Consumer Discretionary

My name is Brandon Foeman. I was born in Plantation, Florida and spent the vast majority of my formative years residing in the unincorporated Fort Lauderdale area. At the age of fifteen, I relocated with my family to Weston, Fl which is my current place of residence. I am currently a senior classman attending Barry University where I remain in pursuit of my undergraduate degree in Finance. Upon my entrance to Barry in the Spring semester of 2010, I had initially declared my choice of major as International Business; However as I continued to furnish an emerging interest in the capital markets, I found myself compelled to pursue a major in Finance in the midst of my junior year. Upon the completion of my undergraduate degree, I would like to continue my education at an institute of higher learning pursuing a masters degree in Economics while endeavoring a career path focusing on investment advisory services.

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