Frantz Francillon

Student Fund Manager Sectors: Technology & Telecommunications Managing Director

Frantz Francillon, is a Finance student at Barry University entering his final semester in the fall of this year. Growing up in Haiti, financial markets, operations, and methods have aspired his focus in the financial sector. Fluent in French, English, and Creole, Frantz has dedicated time to elaborate on personal skills and to expand efficiency in working environments. He has always been curious when it came to global economy and their functionality leading to pursuing a career in the business field.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Frantz has cultivated a level of appreciation for business that is unappeasable and witnessed the fulfillment of hard work. Opportunities such as the Student Managed Investment Fund, which mimics a financial firm by searching and analyzing potential investment opportunities, has allowed Frantz to collaborate with team members and efficiently operate on a regular basis.

Recent experiences and studies have molded Frantz as the individual that he is today making it possible to assume the responsibility that comes with this opportunity. The skills and knowledge acquired have given this individual the energy to be a part of this team. Upon graduations, future objectives for Frantz consist of establishing a career in Wealth Management, Investment Banking, or Improvement of Capital Structures. // Download resume