About the Program

The PhD in Social Work program is dedicated to educating graduate social workers who will contribute to the creation, dissemination, application, and evaluation of practice-relevant knowledge. The purpose of doctoral education is to prepare graduates for careers in applied social work research, teaching, and leadership in the field of practice. Organized around a developmentally integrated curriculum that attends to both methodological rigor and issues of social justice, students are prepared to engage in independent research and scholarship that informs social work practice at multiple levels.

Within the broad goal of preparing advanced social work scholars and practitioners, the educational objectives of the doctoral program are to prepare our students to:

  1. Demonstrate the capacity for leadership and advocacy focused on promoting social justice.
  2. Demonstrate expertise in producing independent research that informs social work practice, service delivery, advocacy, and system change.
  3. Conceptualize, critically evaluate, and construct theory to advance social work knowledge, education, and practice.
  4. Integrate the values and ethics of the social work profession in teaching, scholarship, and service.
  5. Demonstrate comprehensive mastery of a substantive area of social work.