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Learn, Reflect, and Serve

The doctoral program of the Barry University School of Social Work operates within the context of the mission of Barry University and the mission of the School of Social Work. The program seeks to produce educators, researchers, administrators and advanced practitioners capable of demonstrating the capacity for conceptually and theoretically framing, investigating, and analyzing complex systems, social problems, human behaviors, and intervention outcomes. The goals of the program further strive to assure the promotion of social justice in ways that assist individuals, families, groups, communities, and larger societies in maximizing their potential and well-being.

Our 2013 initial cohort has completed all of their coursework and have moved forward to preparing for candidacy. Of the original eighteen individuals in the cohort, fifteen (15) successfully completed their coursework and have shown great promise toward completing the requirements for the doctoral degree and becoming competent scholar-researchers. Over three-quarters of the group have presented their work and research at major conferences and have articles in process for publication review. During the fall 2015 semester, several students have moved forward in successful defenses of their dissertation proposals. This allows them to enter candidacy, gather data, begin their analysis and initiate the draft of the findings and implications.

We are pleased to have accepted a 2015 cohort of eight (8) talented students from varying practice and research backgrounds who have started their coursework in September, 2015. They include seasoned practitioners from clinical and educational experiences who have shown a tremendous eagerness and hard work toward also moving forward in their doctoral studies. The faculty expresses excitement at the group’s apparent capacity for hard work and their diligence to engage the learning process toward the ultimate expansion of the social work knowledge base.

We invite interested candidates to visit the website and learn more about our Ph.D. program, its faculty and current students.

Walter J. Pierce Ph.D.