Sambra Zaoui

Sambra Zaoui, LCSW, MSW



MSW Barry University, 2001
BSW Florida International University, 1996

Areas of Interest

Her interest lies with the human trafficking population, and is working with The Life Of Freedom which is based in Coral Gables, Florida as a practitioner, mentor and educator. She is also a trained outreach worker to trafficked victims who are still in the life, and a faith-based counselor to women. Her concentration continues to be women's issues, more specifically trauma-based issues


Sambra joined Barry University’s School of Social Work in the fall of 2009. She teaches Social Work Practice I, II & III, for both the MSW and BSW program, as well as HBSE I, Social Work Practice with Women, Social Work Practice with Addictions, Advanced Practice with Individuals and Families, and The Helping course. Along with her teaching schedule, she is also an academic advisor to the BSW students, and mentor to MSW students.

Her early work focused on advocating and serving families in the process of recovery by being a social work liaison to the families in the court system. As she moved away from the court system, and concentrated her energy on developing her clinical work, her interests shifted to family reunification, family therapy, as well as multi-generational family support groups.

In 1998 she joined the team of El Centro De Libertad, in Redwood City, California, where she served as a clinical therapist/ group leader to women and men who were on their third strike due to substance misuse. She also led the Latino Outreach Program. In 2001, she began working in New York City with New Alternatives for Children, who pioneered their first outpatient substance misuse program in Bronx, New York. Mrs. Zaoui participated in the pioneering evolution of the program by being one of the two social work practitioners selected to work with this population. While in NYC she developed her own private practice which focused on women's issues, most specifically, survivors of sexual abuse and incest; and served as a faith-based counselor to women at Times Square Church.

Although her clinical work fascinated her, she was interested in using her professional experience to educate future social workers. After 15 years in the social work profession, Mrs. Zaoui had seen the best and the worst of her profession: she wanted first hand to be part of the academic process which educates those in her chosen career.

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Zaoui engages students from a strengths based framework: "students come with rich life experiences and intrinsic motivation to learn; I strongly believe that my job entails helping the student develop confidence and competence in themselves by exposing them to knowledge and up to date research. Students will undoubtedly feel empowered and prepared." Professor Zaoui strives to create a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to engage in critical thinking where they can openly share their opinions and reflections. Her teaching methodology includes modeling skills in the classroom that mirror those in a session. She is very cognizant of the many diverse learning styles that students present with; and as such, attempts to create a learning environment that meets the individual and corporate needs of the student. She facilitates her courses by engaging in experiential activities, lectures, inviting guest speakers and creating curriculum congruent field trips. Her style is organized and purposeful, " I know which concepts are most essential that students need to understand; I highlight that which undoubtedly will develop them into competent, effective social workers."

Workshops and Presentations in the Community 2013

  • Implications of CSEC in our society with a specific focus on diversity, gender violence and culture: FIU Dr. Perez-Prado’s graduate class
  • Foundations of Motivational Interviewing with CSEC survivors: The Life of Freedom(Human Trafficking Hub)
  • Systemic Overview of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children(CSEC): Reclaiming Community from a Culture of Violence
  • Systemic Overview of CSEC  Survivors through a Clinical Lens: The 10th Annual Light up the Night Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Systemic Overview of CSEC  Survivors through a Clinical Lens: PATHS 2013 Conference
  • Addressing Treatment Needs of Families Challenged with Substance Misuse from a Family Systems & Motivational Interviewing  Perspective: PATHS 2013 Conference
  • Systemic Overview of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: FIU Colloquium Non-Traditional Security Threats
  • NARRATIVE IDEAS with Women and Trauma: Lotus House
  • Lotus House: A CBT approach working with Women and Trauma workshop
  • Crossing The Jordan: A Women’s Survivors Group(Miami Beach)A 3 month group which is offered twice a year

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