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Life-Long Learning Series (2013-2014)

Statement of Purpose

The Life-Long Learning Series is an opportunity for Barry University School of Social Work alumni and social work professionals within our community to expand their knowledge on current practice related topics. The Series supports the School’s mission of helping individuals realize their potential, acquire knowledge and skills, and encourage professional growth, competency and leadership.



Title:Non-Traditional Spirituality and Social Work Practice with Families and Individuals


      Amy Godoy, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker, retired law enforcement officer, and adjunct professor at Barry University School of Social Work. Throughout her 26-year tenure in law enforcement, she developed an expertise in profiling occult crimes for the FBI, FDA, DEA, and MDPD. Her exposure to deciphering crime scenes from a myriad of non-traditional belief systems and her experience in clinical social work practice, combine to embrace and advocate for religious and spiritual diversity. Since 1992, she has conducted numerous workshops to law enforcement and health professionals in an attempt to identify the religious biases and challenges that are still present in our communities. Godoy received her Master of Social Work degree from Barry University and is currently enrolled in the PhD in Social Work at Barry University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in group work, crisis intervention, and spirituality in social work practice.

      Workshop Description:

      This workshop offers an unbiased overview of some of the most common non-traditional religious practices often encountered by clinicians who practice in diverse, multicultural societies. The prominent spiritual philosophies devoted in Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Haitian Voodoo, and Witchcraft will be featured in this workshop so that clinicians have the working knowledge and understanding to:

      • Identify common biases and myths associated with non-traditional spiritual practices
      • Recognize possible counter-transference and promote embracing differences
      • Achieve a positive helping perspective to aid and respect families and individuals whose belief systems have been ostracized by the media
      • Manage the spiritual diversity of clients without interpersonal conflicts that distract client development
      • Acknowledge that judgment impedes self-actualization

      Friday, November 22, 2013, 8:30 am – 12:15 pm
      Barry University
      Thompson Hall, Kostka Room
      11300 NE Second Avenue
      Miami Shores, Florida
      Fee: $25.00 (The application for social work CEUs has been submitted.)

      Directions and Parking

      From I-95 North or South:

      • Exit at NW 103rd Street (Exit 8B).
      • Turn east onto NW 103rd Street.
      • Turn left (north) onto North Miami Avenue.
      • Parking is available at the lot on the left (west) side of North Miami Avenue, just north of NE 111th Street.
      • The Andreas Building is located directly across the street from the parking lot.


      Barry University School of Social Work was awarded a perfect reaccreditation score from the Council on Social Work Education from 2009-2017.

      Registration Options

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      Or Mail, Email, or Fax registration form to:

      Barry University School of Social Work
      Mary Consuegra
      Administrative Assistant
      11300 NE Second Avenue
      Miami Shores, FL 33161-6695
      Phone 305-899-3900
      Fax 305-899-3934

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