Expressive Arts, Compassionate Listening & Storytelling

Expressive Arts, Compassionate Listening & Storytelling

Many opportunities to reflect on the possibilities to reconnect with one another are embedded within the challenges we are now facing. 


The fears around what is coming, how the COVID-19 virus will impact us, and what will happen next are thoughts that each of us are having. These are natural thoughts, and one thing we can do is stay safe and acknowledge that of the universe of feelings we might have at this time, these are among them. In addition, we know that the things we can control are hand washing, staying indoors, and being kind to one another.


Concerning these and other thoughts, let's be inclusive, perhaps it is the time to allow all of the feelings to have a platform. I wonder how this might be a powerful opportunity to listen to all of the parts of you and your family members. Storytelling around the table, compassionate listening, and allowing the fears to have a face and movement and voices might be helpful. What do these emotions want to say to us? How might they sound if they had a voice? If they could move, how might they move? Ignoring fear doesn't make it go away; it merely forces it to beg for our attention in less comfortable ways. Perhaps extending an invitation to all of these feelings might be useful, externalizing fears allows us to dialogue with them, and ask them what it is they need to feel heard and honored.


We will get through this, and it is vital to honor the parts of us that are brave, and the parts of us that are concerned and worried, we deserve our attention.  In the meantime, there are a LOT of expressive arts things happening online, here is one with a one personal practice book through kindle with the Expressive Arts Florida Institute.  Students can go to the link below and request a free personal practice book, if they send an email.  I strongly recommend it.


Expressive Arts Florida Institute - Creative Life Skills


Expressive Arts Florida Institute’s workshops are profound experiences for me – both for personal discovery and professional development. Through art making, music, movement, writing, and play, I have learned useful techniques, awakened aspects of my inner self, and engaged in meaningful sharing with others.


Also, there are online courses:


Shelly Kramer, who offers some very reasonably priced online expressive arts classes.


EAFI also has inexpensive expressive arts workshops online



I hope this suggestion is helpful.


With much respect,


Heidi Heft LaPorte

Associate Professor

Barry University School of Social Work